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Love the app! I wanted to provide some feedback in a public forum, so others could chime in and agree/disagree or add their own thoughts.
  • The biggest thing we need is a way to compare different kinds of ranges for the same physical spot (same position). I want to be able to go back and forth between exploitative and GTO, and see which combos are played the same, and which combos only show up in one or the other.
    • Right now, if I'm in the GTO range for a position, it's 5 clicks to swap to Exploitative: two "back" button presses, two clicks forward, and another click to select the position. And those clicks require thought and attention, which increase cognitive load and make it harder to focus on the range. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've switched from the GTO range for a position to... the GTO range!
  • It'd be nice to be able to swipe left/right on a chart to go to the prev/next position. I keep doing this and expecting it to work.
  • I'd also like to see (or get the option to see) a visual representation of the positions. I want the HJ, CO, etc. buttons to be seated at relevant seats at a physical, round (i.e., elliptical) table. Put a button where the dealer is, one chip for the small blind, and two chips for the big blind.

My last wish list item is just not going to happen, but I'll mention it anyway. :) I'd like to have an option for card-based range diagrams (lower-triangular) instead of just square matrix diagrams. I unfortunately back-burnered this project several years ago, but you can see some suggestion of what it involves in these comments: https://forum.redchippoker.com/discussion/comment/82458/#Comment_82458

On the one hand, making the glyphs essentially 4x as dense could lead to a taxing information density. On the other hand, it quickly becomes easy to recognize common patterns: suited-only (diagonal stripe), offsuit-only (diagonal stripe missing), and all combos (full square). The point of this is to be able to see, at a glance, where we play suited and offsuit combos differently for a given hand category. Ranks are more important than suits in NLH generally, so it's nice to collect all same-rank combos together.

Thanks again for the handy, accessible presentation of the ranges!


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