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One comment I have about Ed's book "The Course," is that I assume this strategy is meant to be played when stacks are 100 BB or larger. I was thinking it would be worthwhile to discuss what to do when certain things happen, such as:

My stack has gone below 100 BB, and I'm not topping back up for whatever reason. Maybe 80-90 BB is "close enough," but at some point I may want to revert to a mid-stack or short-stack strategy.

The opponents left in the hand have small or small-ish stacks, pre-flop.

There has been a straddle. My stack was 100 BB, but now it seems to be essentially 50 BB. Or I could consider the straddle to be a min-raise and play accordingly.

Just some things to think about and discuss.
-Scott V.


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    I feel comfortable answering a bit of this for Ed. The book was for a full stack for the most part: 100BB. Some things translate to mid-stacking, some do not.

    As far as what is a straddle UTG? It is an "Even Bigger Blind" Your effective stack got cut in half and your should treat it that way. There is a proclivity for straddles to raise when limped to them and to call raises more than they would in the big blind. This makes no sense, but straddling makes no sense, so it works.
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    Thanks, Doug. In the games I play in, they allow Mississippi straddles, which means you can straddle from any position but the blinds. Some players straddle on the button, and they do often raise when limped to.

    Sometimes there are several button straddles in a row, and when the button gets to me, I'll go ahead and straddle. I figure I might as well "keep the button straddle going." You kind of come across as a dick if you don't straddle here.

    Also, players usually straddle after missing their blinds ($6 in a 1-3 game) rather than posting ($4).

    -Scott V.

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