Fold Kings?

mrock72mrock72 Austin TXRed Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
6 handed NLHE live. $1/$3. Villain is young reg who I had played with before and he doesn’t seem to get out of line too much. This night he sat down at the table and was short as table max was $1000. Villain is effective stack of $550.

I am straddling this hand for $6. I look down at KsKd. Folds to villain in small blind who raises to $35. BB folds and action is on me. I raise to $75. Villiian reraises to $200. I decide to flat and we go to the flop of 10h 8h 4d.

Pot is now $403 and Villian has $350 behind.

Villain checks. I bet $100. Villain jams.

Should we get away? Pot odds are decent but I don’t think he is 4 betting light and most likely not overvaluing queens or jacks. I do unblock the AK of hearts and perhaps possible, though probably unlikely, that he has some other suited hand that he decided to 4 bet bluff with that hit the board.

Curious what others think. Will send outcome after response or two


  • UploadUpload Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Does a preflop 4Bet range for villain OOP of QQ+ Ak and AQs seem about right? If so would he go allin with QQ+, AhKh and AhQh then you only need 33% equity and you have 48%. If his 4Bet range is tighter than that (Calls with QQ and AQs) then KK is in bad shape.

    Can or does villain 4Bet wider and does he ever bluff in these spots? Would he see your $100 flop CBet as weak? I would find it very hard to fold KK on that board in a live game as played without knowing the player or a good read telling me I am beat.
  • Jimmy3150Jimmy3150 Red Chipper Posts: 376 ✭✭
    You’re committed given SPR, you only need to be right 23% of the time.

    I have made highly exploitative folds against VERY specific opponents in the past with KK in similar spots … but they were EXTREMELY nitty and never bluffed with FDs and were never over-valuing JJ or QQ - plus I was not committed given SPR.

    You have to pay AA here, it’s just a cooler.

  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,479 -
    edited June 21
    Given that this is an SB open into an UTG straddle, ranges should be wider than usual, so I'd have no hesitation in getting it in preflop. As played, with an SPR < 1 you're never folding.
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  • mrock72mrock72 Austin TXRed Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Thanks all for the comments. AA did get paid off on this one, unfortunately. Certainly the math dictates it. Other factors were the unblocked hearts, SB range vs straddle should be fairly wide, and the villian being a capable player

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