I made a live hand excel note taking sheet

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Recently I have been trying to take notes at the table but have found it too distracting, whether I hand-write notes or type in a note app on my android phone.

I think I may have found a solution for me--I downloaded the android excel app and wrote a spreadsheet that seems to work for me. What I like is that it uses data validation so I just use pull-down cells instead of typing on my phone. I do have areas where I can enter manual notes as well.

There are two types of tabs in the sheet: a player stats sheet and a hand logging sheet.

The player stats sheet reports the following Pre-Flop stats: player name, VPIP%, PFR%, AF,Fcall2R% (fold called hand to a raise), Bet-Fold%, re-pop % (player raises again when his original bet was raised), raise% from straddle, and check-raise %.

Post-flop the stats sheet logs C-bet% as well as fold-to-donk-bet%, fold C-bet to raise%, and fold to C-bet%.

Finally the stats sheet has a heat map were you can mark if a player has shown down a hand--so you can tag t9o, for example, as "raised from cut-off."

The hand tracking sheet logs action (Fold,limp, check, call, Bet, raise, r-raise,4-bet,straddle, allin,post) as well as bet values. Also tracked is player name, position, his hand (if seen), and his stack size. It also logs board cards.

Would anybody want me to share this? Use at your own risk, there could be some errors in the formulas but maybe you could enhance it for your purposes.


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