Is this a call or fold, how do I justify calling preflop.

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Hello. This is my first post. I would like to get information about the hand I played. My concern is that I don't know how to mathematically calculate if I should call in that spot. I called based on implied odds, but that I also do not know how to calculate in this spot. Would appreciate the help. Thank You!

HERO [ :7d:7h ]

UTG is 40/20( $38.54 USD ) raises [$0.75 USD]

UTG1 folds

MP1 folds

HERO 17/13 ( $29.31 USD ) calls [$0.75 USD]

HJ folds

CO Fish( $49.28 USD )calls [$0.75 USD]

B folds

SB folds

BB is 33/8( $33.75 USD )raises [$2.25 USD]

UTG calls [$1.75 USD]

HERO calls [$1.75 USD]

CO calls [$1.75 USD]

FLOP [ :9d, :2h, :4h ]

SB bets [$4.77 USD]

UTG folds

HERO folds

CO folds

SB wins$14.31 USD

My questions:
1. Costs me 1.75$ to make a call, with one more player to get in, but if I hit a set, i will probably stack the SB raiser for around 26$. So how do I calculate the odds, or the implied odds to justify that call?

2. In this spot is it better to just fold?


  • nemoroninnemoronin Red Chipper Posts: 45
    Ok, so the original raiser makes it 75c, you call, CO calls and the SB makes it $2.25
    The original raiser calls, so to you the pot is: ($2.25 + $2.25 + .75c + .75) = $6 and it's $1.75 to call.

    To set mine with a pocket pair like 77, you'll need one of the following:
    1. Direct odds of 7.5:1
    2. Implied odds of ~15:1 (as a rule of thumb. you can accept closer to 10:1 if your opponent is likely to pay off, as is the case in 3-bet pots)

    Your direct odds are $6:$1.75 or 6/1.75 = 3.43:1
    Your implied odds are ($31.5 the BB's stack +$6 the pot):1.75 = 21:1

    - If you assume the other player is going to tag along, your odds are even better!
    - Note, this plan can go sideways if the other player decides to go "crazy ivan" and re-raise

    So calling to set mine in this case is perfectly acceptable - given your implied odds.

    2. I feel this is a perfectly fine spot to set-mine.
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    Welcome to the forum Kava!

    I setmine here as well.

    3 possible fish in the hand, a passive player who 3bet from the blinds which should imply a strong hand that offers lots of IO, and only 1 person left to close action...all sounds like a good setmine to me =)
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    I go for the set mine also, you did the odds right. I have to thank NemoRonin for the proper use of my newly coined term "Crazy Ivan", this is exactly the kind of place where the unexpected will happen.

    I am also happy to see that on the flop, you gave it up. In this months video, 'Sweet temptations' I covered the "Crazy Ivan" and the temptation to re-mine the flop with a pocket pair.

    Well played.
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  • KavaKavaKavaKava Red Chipper Posts: 42
    Thank You for your answers!

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