4Bet Pot...Stack Off Turn? (YouTubeVideo)

Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
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The button was a 38/34 after 32 hands and this is the 5th time he made a 3-bet so I decided to 4-bet here.

I don't have that much experience in 4-bet pots so I have a few questions. On the surface does my 4-bet look ok? Do you auto-stack the hand when the King hits the turn? I bet the river thinking maybe he'd call some middling pair thinking I was making a last ditch effort at the pot. When he shoved me I really didn't see what kind of hand he'd check all the way down with and then jam me with after I bet...I thought he was just super agro and just wanted to win the pot so I called.

What's your play?


Thanks for Your Time


  • BetStackBetStack Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    As played ... I "guess" you can ship the turn when the King hits.

    Otherwise I'm folding KQo in UTG pre-flop in many spots these days; long term I'm only sacrificing a few BB and probably avoiding spots like this.

    I think one of the pros will probably jump in with what hand combos should be 4B here. IMO, you'll really only want a total defending range of ~5% facing a 3B (Flat:KK-TT|AKo-AQo|AKs-AQs|KQs 4B:AA|98s|87s|76s) and KQo is going to be outside of that.

    Given 38/34 over 32 hands I can understand the rationale to attack that spot ... just don't think you had hand strength to do it with. On the flop its a bluff 4B already, there is just over 1 PSB behind, and you have no-pair status. Seems like a spot to shut it down completely or shove, try to rep something like KK/QQ/JJ/TT, and pray it gets though ...

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  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,071 -
    I'm open-folding this PF. Aggro 3bettor with position = I want to be very selective. And I can't call a 3bet with KQ OOP, and 4betting is likely very unknown...so I'd rather fold and avoid the spot all together.
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  • Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
    Great Explanation - I think some of my thought process was clouded by "wanting to take a stand" vs this opponent. Thank you for clearing it up.

    He ended up having AA

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