AKs oop , what do do in these situations?

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Hello, I took a shot at 50nl yesterday and dropped 4 buy-ins. I didn't play well, but I would like to post few losing hands I had, because I think i misplayed a lot of them. I am still learning the game, so any feedback or criticism would be greatly appreciated. I was little tilted as well and played too many tables and too lose in general.

6 max 50nl
UTG folds
MP folds
CO HERO 25/22 $73.01 raises :Ah:Kh to $1.50
B 56/44 59.80 calls
SB Folds
BB folds

FLOP: :8h:Th:4s pot is $3.75

Hero bets $3.50
B raises to $11
Hero re-reises to $29.24
B shoves for $58.30
Hero calls.

Turn :3s
River :7c

B wins $120.35 with :4d:4c

1. I know I was OOP. Was it better to play it slow?
2. How do you play hands like that(nut flush draws with two overs) in on this spot, given the fact that B was a fish.

3.I think I played it too aggressively and the bet sizing was bad? I don't know what do to in these spots.


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,876 -
    The guy counting outs is almost always the person behind.

    When you get raised and shoved on, you are the one counting outs. Against all kinds of ranges with mixes of:

    * Top Pair
    * Some Flush draws
    * Sets
    * Straight draws

    You are coin flipping. There is always some dead money to split up. As the betting escalates, there is more dead money, but the Villain's range keeps getting stronger. It is a trap.

    You are never putting your money in stone dead here, but you are almost never putting it in really good either unless the Villain is getting super frisky with a Queen high flush draw or a monster combo draw that you dominate. Every now and then he has flush draw plus bottom pair and his hole cards are blockers instead of outs for him.

    Escalating rarely gets you an edge, it just raises the stakes. In the case of sets you are are 75%-25% dog in a rapidly escalating situation.

    Bet call and evaluate the flop.
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  • KavaKavaKavaKava Red Chipper Posts: 42
    Thank You for a quick reply Doug.
  • starling81starling81 Red Chipper Posts: 88
    Kava, I see a player with your nick on Borgata often. If it's you, we played there before :) Sorry bit off topic, but when you see same nicknames desire to ask "Is that you" is irresistable :)
  • KavaKavaKavaKava Red Chipper Posts: 42
    Well I play on party poker nj, so yes sir you will see my name on borgata as well. Is your name on there the Same as on here?
  • starling81starling81 Red Chipper Posts: 88
    Well I play on party poker nj, so yes sir you will see my name on borgata as well. Is your name on there the Same as on here?

    Nope, but it's close though - Strono81. Which is what you get when you translate "Starling" to Italian :)

    Party Poker NJ and Borgata is a same network i believe, different client software that's all. I guess then i saw you at 25NL "after" your bad luck in 50NL that you described :)

    I play 50NL sometimes too, simply 'cause there might be no tables in 10NL/25NL that is more appropriate to bankroll i got on Borg. But i think 50NL has the biggest amount of solid players in small stakes, so not always good to get on a table where everybody's stats are 20/18/10 for sample of 2000 hands and more :)

    But it's nice to see you here! You're one of those people who carries a note "A player, balanced, not a station". 'Cause usually when i get on the table, it's mostly purple notes with "Dumbass", "Station", "Limps into mutli-way with QQ", "Gets sticky with top pairs", "No words to describe this dumbass", and so on :) LAWL

    With exception of course of more frequently seen grinders like KingTut, L0rene, winteriscoming, Milking..., and like 20 other regs from 50NL. Nobody could accuse them of being unbalanced or being calling stations. I just don't get into head butting matches with them - period, ABC poker or just staying out of being in a pot with them while holding marginal equity hands.

    I'm loving the fact that Borg/Party has picked up some great speed and traffic. I remember before, it was frustrating getting a good table. Now it's like no problem at all, always games running.


    Given BB player stats, I would've done exactly same thing most of the time, since hand is too strong to fold vs player with such wide ranges. I mean jesus christ... 56% VPIP and 44% PFR? That guy not only plays more than half his hands, he plays them aggressively and just gets money in with whole range of overvalued crap.

    But then again - i always have everything backwards. 'Cause as Doug expressed, you probably 25% underdog in this spot. But I'm just saying what i would do there vs that type of player, and not by any means trying to say that what i would do is a correct play :) Considering my "Opinion Equity" is never higher than 5%-6% with strong campaign plans for 7% :)
  • KavaKavaKavaKava Red Chipper Posts: 42
    Awesome. Yeah I recognize you now. I think my notes says "good post flop skills on your sn, watch him". Anyway, what I noticed is that I can win at 10 nl multitabeling(6-8), and have like 9bb/100 win rate over 40000 hands + bonuses.I want to get much better at higher levels. Now when I move up the levels, I start losing. What i noticed is that I am not able to multitable 25nl and above profitably. I make stupid decisions, my reads on players are off, action is just too fast for me.I think I will start a thread about this in the forums and ask questions to the instructors about multitabeling in general. Next time I will play 50 nl it will be only one good table, so i can see how people play in details, get reads etc. What do you think Strono81, do you multitable yourself or not.And do you play tournaments too?

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