Reduce Your Tilt - Understand Variance

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Remember, it's a game of up to nine opponents with any random mixture of two cards from a 52 card deck.

The board is a random mixture of cards left over.

People arrive with random skill levels, motivations, bankroll considerations, alcohol levels, emotional levels, levels of "gamble" in them, or risk aversion.

Combine these factors with many others, and over time, every possible outcome is GOING to happen. When it happens for or against you, it's not luck. It's VARIANCE. And VARIANCE is as much part of poker as the chips and cards.

Understand that, since each possible option is GOING to happen at some point, our job is to maximize profit or minimize loss regardless of situation.

Being angry or frustrated is pointless. Every combination is going to happen the right amount of times in the poker universe. Did you flop quads against the guy who only has a backdoor perfect perfect straight flush draw? Play that hand enough times, and YOU WILL LOSE AT SOME POINT. If you can't handle it, you've chosen the wrong pursuit.

Did your cards run like shit? If so, did you lose the minimum considering the circumstances? Then you played awesome poker. That's your goal, isn't it?

Most opponents are bad. There is plenty of money to be made. Sometimes variance doesn't allow you the opportunity. That's ok. Someday it will -and when it does, you better be prepared to maximize.

So in the meantime, study, work, practice... not only your strategy, but your ability to handle long stretches of cold or bad cards. 

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