To call or not to call off half your stack in mid stages MTT

Slim_ChanceSlim_Chance Red Chipper Posts: 65
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Tournament Hand Blinds $150/$300 - Ante $30
Hero on the BTN (Stack Size $12,652) with :Td:8d
Villain in Middle Position (Stack Size $7,709)

8 handed

Action folds to Villain in MP and who open limps, it folds around to Hero, who also limps, Sb folds, BB checks...

$1,290 in pot flop comes :5d:7d:Kd
BB checks, Villain checks, Hero bets $600... BB folds, Villain calls $600

$2,490 in pot turn comes :Kh
Villain leads out for $600,
Hero raises to $2,145 (now with $9,607 behind),
Villain flats (now with $4,664 behind)...

$6,780 in pot river comes :Kc
Villain insta-shoves $4,664 into a $6,780 pot with the board: :5d:7d:Kd:Kh:Kc

Do we call off half our stack in this spot flopping a medium strength flush with a possibility villain has a King, or maybe a full house with small/medium pocket pair, or maybe he limped in with a mediocre hand and had second or third pair on flop that now improved to a full house, or maybe he even flopped a higher flush?

Do you call in this spot or better yet, play the hand differently? Also, any help in possibly narrowing his range down would be helpful? I actually found it to be more difficult to narrow him down since he limped and I didn't have too much info or history on Villain.

Now with the old adage about not going broke in a limped pot, and me trying to learn from my mistakes about getting involved in big pots tough spots too early in tournaments along with the feeling of calling off half my stack with medium strength flush into what could likely be quads, full house, or a better flush as I tanked for what seemed like an eternity with about with 5 seconds remaining in my time bank I clicked the call button.

Villain turned over :Ad:4h and $16,108 pot shipped over to my direction

Did I make a great call, lucky call or standard call?


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,069 -
    I likely fold tbh.

    That being said, had you made bigger bets at all points in the hand (larger flop bet, larger turn raise, etc.)...the river wouldn't even be a point of contention =)
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  • GazelligGazellig RCP Coach Posts: 74 ✭✭
    Before you make a call like this on the river then it's worth asking yourself the following questions:

    1) If you fold, do you still have a workable stack?
    2) If you call and lose, how does your stack size change?
    3) How might this affect your play moving forward?
    4) What hands do you beat?
    5) What hands do you lose to?

    Try answering those questions now and see what you feel afterwards. Once you've done that, I'll offer my thoughts.
  • ChipDouglas1ChipDouglas1 Red Chipper Posts: 95 ✭✭
    In these spots I would consider raising to isolate preflop IP.

    You have a hand that flops well if called and not only that you will have range advantage when high cards hit the board. Obviously depends on the villain and there are times I just flat here however if you don't take it down pre and villain does not limp/raise then its a big +EV play. Villain will be X/F a ton on most boards and in this particular example you can happily get it in on the flop or turn with a lower SPR caused by raising pre.

    Nice hand

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