Final Table Meltdown, hand 2

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Continued from previous post:

Hand 2, literally 2nd hand of final table. Just doubled up a short stack previous hand.
Blinds 12.5k/25k/2.5k

Villain in UTG+1 with 500k (20 blinds).
Hero in HJ with 750k (30 blinds).

We have been playing with this villain for a long time as well. He has shown the ability to open pretty aggressively, but hasn't been a maniac by any means. Hero has 3bet Villain's opens fairly judiciously, and Villain has usually folded when facing a 3bet.

UTG+1 opens to 50k.
Hero in HJ has :Ah:Qs .
Hero 3bets to 112k.
UTG+1 min-4bets to 215k. Hero Folds.

I wonder if I should just be flatting AQ in this spot. I don't think I want to get all in here against an EP open at the final table with AQ, so I 3bet knowing I would probably have to fold to a shove. Once I saw the tiny 4bet to half of villain's stack, it was an instamuck since that bet looks completely nutted. But I'm wondering if I should flat a hand as strong as AQ and 3bet/fold hands that are a bit worse like AJ/KQ. And we can't consider folding AQ here can we?


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    This is a rare case where I fold AQ pre-flop. You have UTG raise to $50K and the rest of the table to act. You have nothing invested. FOLD.
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    This was covered in

    Gareth's full video on ICM in poker


    Essentially, you got ICM owned (he explains this at 12:00 into the video). The presence of short stacks there makes your calling range super tight. The payouts and stacks are unknown here, in a similar situation from the video, AKo was a fold after 3-betting.

    His recommendation in that spot was a flat call to avoid this ICM owning situation. YMMV depending on the stacks and payouts.
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