another deep 2-5 hand

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Same game as the set on the flop hand however we are about to break the table and it is the last hand. The players are me on the button with about 1000$ SB is Loose passive fish BB is the same aggressive higher stakes grinder from the previous hand.

I raise to 15$ with :Ac:5d SB calls and BB makes it 60 this is an excelent situation to steal and I believe my opp is just hoping ill fold I re raise to 180$ Opp calls. Flop is :Tc:6c:4h Pretty disconnected I c bet 225$ Opp calls Turn is :3s Opp shoves there is about 1400$ in the pot and I have to call 600$ I have an over card that is likely live and an open ender I believe that being the hand before the table breaks and a small game my opp believes that he can shovel chips in and Ill fold everything but a premium hand, I feel that with a good hand say :A? :T? he would take a less aggressive line this line is just begging me to fold So I put him on a range of everything he could raise and call with pre minus the top pairs overpairs and twopairs so thats clubs no pair hands like KQ suited and unsuited 5s with the same or smaller kicker, If my read is correct im only behind random hands that made a pair such as K6 that don't want to call a bet. Please share any thoughts.


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    1. Your 4bet size is too large (something like $150 is much better)
    2. Why are you CBing?
    3. As-played, how confident are you in that read? Seems like you are trying to pinpoint him on VERY few hands (rare clubs since we nuke out the :Ac:Xc hands). And even when he's goofing around with like AK-AT he has us in total hell.

    So the real question is just "is he calling things like 98, QJ, KJ on the flop and then bombing in our face on brick turns?" That's a fun move...but not one I expect too many players to make...
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    In retrospect I really don't like the way I played it I was just shoveling chips in and hoping for a fold, Which is the same thing he was hoping to do he ended up having 96 for second pair I cant remember if it was suited or not but he called Pre knowing he would likely have to make a big bluff at some point. I really didnt have a plan other than to hope for a fold or a face up bluff which is not a sustainable strategy so in hindsight I think that if I believe he is raising way too wide I could call or just fold initially and move on to a softer table.

    But as played I did think that on the turn he had floated me and shoved with whatever he happened to have which is what happened however if I had not turned a draw I would likely have folded. All I can really do at this point is be aware that I was totally unbalanced in the situation luckily I didn't have to lose to learn this time.
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    Great job on giving it an honest review in hindsight =)
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