flopping a small flush very multi way pot.

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1-2...somewhat loos game...with lots of preflop limping...raised pots tighten up a fair amount.. often go 3 or 4 way..

V1 pretty loose preflop...makes lots of $7 raises no matter how many limpers maybe 20% raising...limps a lot as well...with limpers in front probably limps 50% of hands ...not noticed any major aggression after the flop...but will chase for smallish bets...

V2...very loose pre flop...chases a lot pretty passive often calls raises..200 ish stack..on the btn...probably limps 50%+ and raises less then 10%...

Hero...been playing pretty tight...taking down some limped pots with $15 to $20 raises from btn and blinds and a few unwanted limped pots on the turn...but not too aggressive or out of line in the last couple of hours...$250 ish stack..

so pre flop...8 limpers including V1 in mid position....and V2 on btn...hero in BB :6c:4c checks his option...

FLOP...8 way...$15


Hero BB bets out $15...folds to V! who calls (mid)...and then to V2 who calls on the btn...

Turn 3 players $56


Hero bets $40, V1 calls V2 calls... (hero is getting a little worried)...

river 3 players $176... (effective stacks are 200 and 150ish behind)


Hero ??????


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    FLOP...8 way...$15

    Most depressing sentence I've read all week :)

    I think I would bet/fold on the river (maybe bet 1/3 pot?). I think you can still get called by sets and 2 pair, and very possible that one V called down with bare :Ac . If raised, I would be planning on folding unless I had some extremely strong read to deviate.
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    Imagine you are one of the Villains with :Xc:Xc and someone else is driving the action and there is a third person in the pot. You might just smooth the flop, but then on the turn what do you fear?

    :Ac ?X? catching a flush on the river.

    When there is someone that likes their hand (Hero...) and there is only a pot sized bet left and you have a flush and you fear getting drawn out on, what are you going to do on the turn? Raise.

    Did anyone raise?

    I think you got the best hand a whole ton of the time. There are eight flush cards unaccounted for, so 28 combos (one of which you beat!) With the :Qc:Kc:Ac all MIA right now, many of these combos could be in play.

    What else could be in play though?
    :Ac :J?
    :Kc :J?
    :Qc :J?

    Plenty of two pair and sets. Considering the combinations and hand reading, I think you have the best hand. See what you can get for it. You might be against the nuts that just called along but I think you can get called by lots of two pair that think you are bluffing with the naked :Ac .
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    I agree. This is one of those thin value spots you have to go for consistently to improve winrate. As Doug and Nick pointed out there are a lot of reasons they calling and they haven't yet told you they have a flush. So see if you can get more.

    If raised, well darn I guess they did have one

    @Bostwana- best laugh I've had all week :)
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    8 ways to flop = this is not a good table. Value bet your small flush. I have a player in my cash home game who routinely says he will never fold once his hand strength is two pair or better. That guy might be at this table.

    (Bonus: my friend considers holding 89 on an 8AA board two pair, and is never folding)...

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