Bad line with two pair?

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Six-max tournament, close to the bubble, I have about 10,000 at 200/400(50) and villain has me covered with about 12,000.

Villain raises to 800 UTG, I have :Th:9h in the SB and call, blinds fold. Pot is 2,300.

Flop comes down :Jc:Tc:9s . I donk lead for 1,150 and face a check-raise to 3,100, which I call. Turn makes it :Jc:Tc:9s:8d and villain puts me all-in for my last 6,100(ish) with 8,500 in the middle. Insta-fold.

Is the lead out ever a good play or should I be check-raising? Or even check-calling and folding bad turns like :8d ? I have a decent hand but with such a wet flop I still don't feel comfortable at all and in turn now hate the fact that I bloated the pot so unnecessarily. But on the other hand he could be raise-check-raising-flop with :A? :A? , :Q? :Q? and :K? :Q? as well as sets or better two pairs? I don't know, either way I kinda loathe my play in retrospect but don't know a correct line to take in a tricky spot like this. On a board like that I would never risk my tournament life so probably should've just been more passive.


  • BotswanaNickBotswanaNick Red Chipper Posts: 696 ✭✭✭
    T9s is my favorite hand, I hate folding it, but I still don't like calling in this situation. We will likely be heads up, out of position, against a tight range from a 25 bb stack. This isn't nearly deep enough to take advantage of our hand's post-flop playability, but too deep to be happy committing to 1 pair. I think this needs to be a 3bet or fold. There are arguments for and against including it in your 3betting range: It flops really well and covers you on many boards that your range misses, but on the other hand it doesn't have any blockers so might not be great against UTG raises.

    On the flop, I don't really think that this flop necessarily favors either player's range too much; it smashes both. This is the biggest action flop there is, and you have to decide whether your hand is strong enough to commit to getting in on the flop. To me it isn't strong enough, I think you will be doing very poorly against his range for getting all in. So I would play as a check/call, re-evaluate on the turn. But if you want to go with your hand, its better to just shove over the raise on the flop, you will hate life on more than half the possible turn cards.
  • theClubbertheClubber Red Chipper Posts: 167 ✭✭
    Fold pre. You're only 25 BB deep. BB would be a call.

    Don't see how he can check/raise you when you're OOP. I think you just mean raise. While you're ahead of some hands in his range, even those hands have very good equity against you. I say check/call flop and check/fold turn. If you check/raise the flop, you could get called by some hands you're beating like QQ+ or flush draws, but most of his flush draws also have straight outs. It seems like a case of slightly ahead or way behind.

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