flopping a weak top pair oop??

YorkshireBoy9YorkshireBoy9 Red Chipper Posts: 69
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Hi guys, I have been in spots recently playing 6 max sng's, where say.. we check our option in the bb with junk, let's say :8d:6h facing limpers either from mp or sb completes (early game). say flop comes ...

:6s:3c:2c how do we approach this spot with a weak top pair oop in a multi way pot & hu? lead out? on a 2 tone flop with connected cards, I expect worst can call? ( mainly flush and straight draws) and we can protect our hand from over cards? a flop of 3 different suits/unconnected cards, I expect most of the time we're only getting called by worst much of the time? It's a spot that's been giving me trouble of late & just wanted to seek some clarity on it.



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