JTo against two fish

sgparrishsgparrish Red Chipper Posts: 5
edited October 2015 in Live Poker Hands
Villains are 1-2 losing regs. Happy to gamble. Like to call with gutshots, 3rd pair on scary boards, etc...

I am 240 deep. V1 has about 120, V2 has me covered.

:Js:Th on button. one limper V1 who makes it 5 straight. V2 calls, I call, SB folds, BB folds, limper calls.

Pot is 20 Flop is :Jh:9c:8d .

Checks to V1 who bets 20. V2 calls. I raise to 80. Should I have just called? V1 has something he likes. V2 is wide, but could call with worse.

V1 goes all in for an extra $5. V2 calls, I call.

Turn blanks. V2 checks. Do I just shove or take the free card?


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