Improving Poker Math Recommendations

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I am someone who has always struggled with math. But I really want to be a well-rounded successful player and realize that having poor math skills will hold me back. So I'd like to put a significant amount of effort into improving those math skills related to poker. Any recommendations on how I should go about this would be greatly appreciated. Books? Videos? I'd also love to hear from anyone who may have overcome poor math skills themselves and how they did it.


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    1. Do a search on Youtube for "splitsuit" and watch all videos math related that interest you and take notes (in Chegg app) to review over time, anywhere.

    2. Post questions on forums for specific examples and hands.

    3. Download Chegg on Android/Apple store for free. Download flashcards sets from the math section other users have created and uploaded. Review pre and post session.

    4. Add other formulas, posts, articles, etc. to Chegg via your device's camera and create flashcards to test yourself.

    5. Rinse and repeat.
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    This book: ... eks-ebook/

    Is likely exactly what you are looking for.
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