Player 1 Double Barrel Challenge Hand 1

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This is a hand I watched a friend of mine play in a 1-3 game last week.

Early Position player who i have never played with before limps Hero raiser to 15 out of a stack of about 200 he ended up having :Ac :Qh The button calls he is playing tons of hands probably somewhere between 70-80% even for a raise and likes to float a lot on the flop and fire the turn. EP limper calls.

pot is 43 Flop is :As :9d :5d

Hero bets 30 B calls. I think everything hero did was standard or better up until the turn.

After the following actions i would put the Button on.

Sets AA that didnt raise Pre 99,55
Two Pair A9,A5,95
Top Pair A2-A4,A6-A8,AT-AK
Pairs lower than TP 66-88-TT-KK. all combos of 9x that are about 96o and higher and 95s and higher
all suited 5x and all 5xo 54 and higher.
Flush Draws all combo of Diamonds except the absolute bottom like 32d,43d 42d but its hard to say where the cutoff is.

I cant say exactly what he will consider a weak fit and what is a pure float. I had raised several times earlier in the day and the day before against him and when he was in position he had not folded to a c bet once over about 4-5 hands and he always bet the turn when it checked to him.

Pot was 103 Effective stacks 150 ish Turn :Qd
Now hero has top two pair and shoves for 150% of Pot.

How often will villain call with Top Pair+ I think he will call with :A? :Kd sets and flushes
I dont know what he will do with lower two pairs but considering how he most likely would have raised them on the flop ill assume that he doesnt have any two pairs in his continuation range on the Turn. SO he will effectively almost never fold 2pr+

He will always fold a hand like :9? ?X? so he is always folding second pair or third pair.

He will always fold hands that continue to draw like :Kd ?X?

Hero shoved Turn so he is incapable of floating again. same with raise worse than 2 pr.

He is mostly calling with hands that beat hero but is folding about 90-95% of holdings when called we have about 12% EQ.

Even though this is a + ev bet I think we can get better value by check shoving since he will call wider to a check shove than an open shove with hands like lower two pair and :Kd :K?. This is based on info i gathered I dont know what my frieds read of Villain was but I think shoving is just begging someone to go away when you will generally have the best hand. If villian does not bet as expected we can assume we have the best hand and play for pure value.


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    Hand from during the WSOP at the Wynn 1-3

    I had been at the wynn for a while and been tight and aggressive a weak loose passive player limps in early position 150 stack and I raise to 15 with :9? :9? A reg calls in the BB who has about 450-500 and I have him covered. The caller in the BB seems like he likes to play some trap hands and doesn't like to slowplay also he called rather quickly which made me think he was not at the top of his range since he didnt consider anything other than calling.

    Flop three wheel cards :5c :4d :2s pot is 42$
    both check to me and i Bet 30 both call. at this point I point Them both on a similar range of 66-TT :A? ?X? and maybe something like :6? :5?

    Turn was :Tc Pot132
    BB thinks for a second and bets somthing like 90$ the shortstack goes all in. for a little bit more so about 100. I had played with the BB before so I had a good read on him I put him Squarely on :A? :T? and the short stack on something like the same as flop range.

    There is now about 330 in the pot and I went all in for 300$ more.

    Q1 Villian will continue with slowplayed straights,sets and two pairs however he cannot have turned two pair and I very strongly suspect from playing with him earlier and that day that he does not like to slowplay, However its still something he will do on occasion. He will fold all one pairs except for maybe slowplayed AA,KK exactly but that's not a very likely scenario he will fold AT I am certain.

    Q2 He will fold all pairs lower than top pair but if he does call with a hand like :6s :6h he will still be behind my nines so it doesnt matter.

    Q3 he will fold all oddly played hands like :6? :5? , :6? :4?.

    I think that I since I had a very good read on a predictable opponent raising was good, but I think that min raising the short stack accomplishes the same thing may look stronger and I can save some money if I am wrong and he was slowplaying somthing big like a set so betting the extra is setting money on fire somewhat. Anyway in the end he folded AT face up the limper said he missed on the river and I won. It certainly didnt have to happen but I was paying attention to my opponents and it payed off in this case.
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    1-3 100BB stacks

    Hero Raises to 15 in late position with :Ac :5c Button who is a reg with passive tendencies calls everyone else folds

    Flop :3c :7c :Th Hero c bets 20 and villian calls.

    On the flop I think villians Range is likely
    Sets 33,77,TT
    Top pairs T8-AT,
    mediocre pairs A7,K7s,88.99
    Lower flushdraws 56cc-KQcc, 86cc-QTcc, Q9cc,J9cc,97cc,

    Pot is 70 hero bets 40 Turn is :7d
    Will villain fold top pair plus No I dont think Villian is ever folding top pair or better on the Turn.

    Villain Will likely fold smaller pairs due to his passive nature, However thee only hands that meet this criteria are 88,99 which is a very small part of Vs range also they dont really block any of our outs to top pair or a flush even of the river came something like :9c giving us a flush and them a boat it would be easy to put them on a big hand since they would not likely raise without trips or better.

    Villain probably would not fold any flush draws since some of his weaker flush combos are combo draws he would likely continue with all/most of them.

    I think an opponent like the one we are dealing with will likely not raise worse than two pair perhaps a slowplayed overpair like :J? :J? fearing a draw heavy board is the worst hand we can expect to see a raise from.

    I think the bet can be considered "standard" but a small check raise such as V bets 40 Hero makes it 100 could easily clear out a lot of Vs flush draws and top pairs also it could set us up for a river shove for value or to blow V off any non boat hand. One more thing is if you were planning to do something like 45 on the Turn and 115 on the River check raising clears out a lot of the same hands or more and saves 50 ish dollars.
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    1-2 VS nit in an early morning game.Effective stacks 200$

    I had played with villain for a few hours and he had not played many hands, had not raised pre and had not gone to showdown. I assume he is a tight passive nit.

    I raise in the HJ with :Kh :Qh I raised to 8$ V calls on B.

    Flop was :Kc :Qc :6s pot was 17.
    I bet 12$ V calls. At this point I put him on
    The same KK,QQ,66, KQ,KT+,QT+ AA that was slowplayed, all Ax FD all suited connectorss 76 and higher

    Turn is :Ac That is the worst card that could have come out.

    Opp will fold Top pair with a non club kicker about which he should have a little less than 10% of the time.
    Opp will fold all unimproved :Q? ?X? which he will have say 5% of the time. he shouldnt really have any lower pairs than this.

    all draws have hit this turn, However he has picked up some one card flush draws like :K? :Jc which I do not expect to fold.

    I would not expect to be floated by this Opp on the flop or turn.

    I do not think that this Opp will raise worse than two pair I think that his raising range is flushes only.

    I ended Up checking since i am way behind V range, he Bets 45 a pot sized bet. I didnt think he would bet less than two pair so I ended up folding. I didnt know this player very well but I made a population read based on 3-4 hours of playing with him and i think i made the optimal decision based on the info available.
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    1-3 Game effective stacks about 450

    Full table with several fish I a in late position and B straddles for 6 2 players Call 6 and I call with :Ah :Kh B raises to 30 out of a stack of about 300 first caller folds and Second caller who is very loose and passive calls, I raise to 100 PFR folds caller calls I dont know exacly what to put him on with this action but i am sure he doesnt have a big :A? ?X? or big pair he also doesnt have total trash like :5? :2?.

    Flop comes out :2h :6h :Tc Pot is 235
    I bet 150 Villain Calls. At this point I can narrow his range down somewhat. I put him on something like all pocket pairs JJ and below
    :6? ?X?+
    :T? ?X? +
    Most lower :Xh :Xh
    I dont know what he will do with a hand like a set of :T? :6? but super strong combos are going to be very rare.

    Turn :Qd Pot is about 535 with about 300 behind.
    I feel like a must check behind or shove. This Turn only improves a small part of villains range such as :Qh ?X? and :Q? :T? and an unlikely :Q? :6?.

    I do not think that Villain will ever fold TP and certainly not better.

    Villain will always fold hands lower than :T? and probably most unimproved :T? ?X? so he is continuing with med pairs a small but unkown amout of the time perhaps 5% since he is heavy in lower flush draws.

    With draws he will probably fold all but the combo draws which would be getting a good price except that I have all draws no pair dominated. So I think he will be folding draws as much as 60 percent.

    Since I am all in he is incapable of floating again or raising worse than 2 pr.
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    1-3 game effective stacks 300

    Hero Raises to 10 = :Ac :Qh and Villain calls in BB they are a Tight Passive nit who does not like to fold top pair type of hands.

    flop is :Jh :Ts :5c
    Hero c bets and V calls so now his range looks something like
    All sets
    two pair JT
    TP J9s,QJ,KJ,AJ
    2nd PR T8s,T9,QTs,KTs,AT

    Turn is :8h
    Will V fold TP+ no I dont think they will ever fold TP+ to a 1/2 or 2/3 type of bet.

    Will V fold med pairs, yes I think they will depending on their level of stickyness and their history with me but in this case most of their 2nd pair have turned into draws so ill say they are not folding on this particular turn.

    Fold draws. No they will never fold a draw on this card.

    They will not float again the only real float they had was AK which I think they will fold.

    I do not think they will raise with less than two pair.

    I didnt think this really changed anything so I checked. also I didnt think that betting pot or over por would generate more folds than a smaller bet. There are several good River cards which i expect V to play face up so i think checking was clearly the best option.
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    1-3 effective stacks 300 two players limp in and I raise on the Button to 15 with :Kc :Qc The first limper is a Reg on the TAG side the second I had never played before.

    Both call pot is 45$
    Flop is :Jh :2h :9c I bet 30$ with two overs and a backdoor flush draw. Both call. At this point im not thrilled to get two callers on such a wet board I think I can probably put them both on similar Ranges of
    A3hh+,56hh+ QThh T8hh
    The second one was the one i didnt know so his range may have been even more FD heavy. and He didnt CR so I can almost rule out Two pair or a set for him. although the first may have slowplayed a set but probably not the unlikely J9.

    pot is about 135 with about 250 back
    Turn is :Ad both check again

    Will Villains
    Fold Top pair Plus No they will always raise of call almost 100% of the time. which they will have a little over a third of the time times two.

    Fold Med Pairs Yes I think they will fold Med Pairs without a flush draw so they are very likely to fold weak hands Q9 no Hearts and Maybe even as Strong as KJ S I think they will fold
    2nd Pair or lower as much as which they will have approx 30-40% of the Time.

    They will Probably fold straight draws the only one of which is QT but they will never fold a Flush draw unless I bet Really Big Even then all TP+ Draws Will probably call as well as all combo draws. they will have a draw about 25% of the time.

    I chose to check because if I get called which seems really likely I am drawing to 3 maybe four outs, if I get raised it will be an all in and I will not have odds to call. If I Check behind I think I can realize almost all my equity and maybe win a huge pot on a ten.

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