Hyper LAG Tournament Play?

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I've recently been analyzing my tournament results for the year and one thing has jumped out at me like a smack in the face:

Mincashing is a total waste of time!

I am known as Mr Consistent as I regularly cash in tourneys. Problem is I rarely win and don't go deep near often enough. Even though my ITM% (~31%) is good, I am making less than $3/hr playing tourneys for 2015 which is basically just pointless. I worked out that if I had cashed 10% of the time but with more wins and deep cashes I could be looking at closer to $50/hr for tournaments.

Another thing I had failed to consider is that because I am often close to the bubble or mincashing, I am spending a lot of time at the table. If I was playing much more aggressively early on I would be busting out earlier a lot thus increasing my hourly rate assuming I can convert this aggression into some big cashes.

So I have recently been trying to play a super aggro style early on in games but I am struggling to perfect the art so far. I am kind of just valuing myself and walking into nit-traps way too easily.

I would love some feedback on how to build a stack early in MTTs when people are generally playing too tight. I have no problems abusing the bubble or wielding my big stack once I've got it. But I am having trouble building the stack to start with. Any suggestions on good spots to get building early on would be much appreciated!


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    In low buy-in tournaments, it is generally best to play aggressively even in the early stages to build up a stack so that when you make the final table, you have one of the bigger stacks among the remaining players. As someone once said, "Aggression in poker is rarely wrong. And when it is, it isn't wrong by much".

    For an excellent analysis of tournament structures and how to adjust play for different tournaments and stages of tournaments, I recommend Arnold Snyder's The Poker Tournament Formula books.

    I would love to see some analysis and comments from the Red Chip pros on tournament structure and how it affects strategy and play, especially for tournament structures in the $100-$500 buy in range that many of us play, plus how these differ from the $1000+ tournaments.
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    I hired a poker coach specifically for my tournament play. When we were done with our sessions he told me you are going to bust more and prob min cash less. And when learning this new aggro style it's going to be awkward and you are going to make mistakes, but if you keep playing like this you will win. Not just min cash but run much deeper to where the money is more meaningful. Well truth be told I used to min cash so much more...I do run a lot deeper now with more chips. Haven't had the win yet :) but it will come. I have pretty much stopped playing my local donkaments. They are just too frustrating....unless you get super lucky. So I've been playing more cash to build my bankroll, work on my post flop play and then when the good events are in town I play those. Working on my cash game helps with the deep stack play that you would experience at the beginning of tourneys.
    I feel your pain...you grind for hours and to me a min cash is just so unsatisfying. Kinda like asking for a hot fudge sundae and are told we are out of hot fudge..... :shock:

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