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I played a tournament last night that I play pretty regularly. 12k starting stacks 20 minute levels average of about 50 players. $130 buyin with $25 bounties. This hand occurred at level 3 blinds of 75/150. UTG opened to 325 and MP1 called. I looked down at :Js:Ts in the cutoff and decided to call. The button and blinds all fold.

The flop: :Qs:5s:9d UTG and MP1 check. I check as well.

The turn: :Kd. Both players check to me. I bet out 775. UTG raises to 1550 and MP1 calls. I correctly put UTG on a range of top 2, AK, AQ, KK, or QQ and put MP1 on the come for one of the two flush draws. So I decide to shove. UTG folded and MP1 called.

My question is did I play this correct? Is there another play I could have made here? I purposefully left out the river because the outcome isn't as important as to what other lines were available to me.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,039 -
    Why did you opt to check the flop when you could have easily stabbed it and likely just picked up the pot there?
  • Miceli86Miceli86 Red Chipper Posts: 7
    The range I put UTG on had enough combos that would check raise me and with an unsub in MP1 I was unsure whether I would call the check raise. Based on UTG's check raise on the turn card I feel my read was correct there.
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,039 -
    Miceli86 wrote:
    The range I put UTG on had enough combos that would check raise me and with an unsub in MP1 I was unsure whether I would call the check raise. Based on UTG's check raise on the turn card I feel my read was correct there.

    Let's back up then.

    If UTG has...

    AK, do you think he checks or CBs the flop? If check, does he CR or C/F?
    same question with AQ
    same question with QQ
    same question with AA
    same question with TT

    once we answer those, the rest of the equation becomes super simple =)
  • SaintsTigersSaintsTigers Red Chipper Posts: 238 ✭✭
    Yeah, as SplitSuit implied, unless you have a history with this player and know that he goes out of his way to check raise a lot, I like a flop stab.

    If villains don't have much of a hand, you'll go ahead and win the pot uncontested. If they have a piece and call your flop bet, then you have some good options: check behind the turn and take a free shot at a good draw, barrel and force them to fold an average(ish) hand, or hit your hand and be in a better position to win a bigger pot.
  • Miceli86Miceli86 Red Chipper Posts: 7
    I understand what's being said about being the aggressor and making a stab at the pot to take it down uncontested, and I do that often. Based on the read on the situation I didn't see that as likely here. I'm in position so my thinking is I'm being given a free card, let's take it to see if one of my draws, preferably the straight, comes in. This is my line of thinking: if I bet and get called by both players and I don't make the straight on the turn with 6 clean outs to make the straight would I call one of the other players if they bet. If I bet and make the flush on the turn am I in a spot where I'm drawing to two, one, or possibly 0 cards? Obviously I can barrel off into any turn card that comes but if the turn card isn't the :As then I'm potentially betting into the nut flush. Similar problems arise in my head if I bet and face a check raise. With everyone checking to me everyone showed weakness on a wet board. There's now the possibility of being able to pick up the pot on most turn cards by seeing it for free and betting it almost without regard to what it is. If I bet and face a check raise I'm likely to call it, but now I have to hit my draws to have any confidence in my hand at showdown. A simple pair ain't gonna cut it.

    To answer SplitSuit I do have enough info on UTG to know his standard play with most of those combos is to check raise there. The only real unknown to me was MP1.

    So what happened: I shoved after getting check raised on the turn by UTG. My thinking is simply I'm now playing with my hand open, the pot is large enough that I don't mind everyone folding, and if I get called the possible combos that can call me are going way uphill against my nut straight/ flush draw combo. I'm holding blockers to the spade draw, and to any straight draw. UTG tank folded. MP1 called somewhat quickly. MP1 turns over :Ks:8s and hits the :2s. My math shows me I'm an 85% favorite there; once I get it all in I want the spade draw to call me there. I think it was the right play and that's what my question revolves around: was it the right move to ship it there on the turn.

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