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I just watched this video for the second time and I'm stuck on something.


I get that you multiply 4 to the percentage of hands he'll continue calling the 3bet w/. So V here only gives action w/ top 5%. So 5% x 4 = 20%.

What I am unclear about is how you get to the part where IF he opens 20% of hands, he folds 15/20... or 75% of the time. Can someone clarify? I feel like I missed something even after watching and replaying it back a few times.


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,778 -
    The Villain will open with 20% of the starting hands.
    When you three bet the villain will only continue with 5% of the possible starting hands.

    So that means out of a hundred hands, he will open 20 of them.
    If you were to three-bet him each of these 20 times (and he did not adjust) he would only continue with 5 of them.

    This means that when you three-bet him, 15 of the 20 times he will fold. This means when you three-bet him, 75% of the time he will fold.
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  • dutch81dutch81 Red Chipper Posts: 212
    OK, thanks... that's making sense to me now. I appreciate it Doug. That's one less thing that bugs me now.

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