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Just some background about me. Played quite a bit in college about 8-10 years ago. Was a winning playing but not by any huge margin. I read a few books back in the day (Harrington, Theory of Poker). After college, life got in the way and I got away from playing

Over the past 5 years I have played every now and then but overall, not much. I joined a poker league in Jan and over the course of the year, I have started to play more and more. About 2-3 months ago, I decided I was really going to give it a shot. Man how the game has changed! I don't even know a lot of the lingo. I have never really done a ton of off the table work but am slowly starting to add it in. I have always struggled with TILT and never have stuck to BRM guidelines. Even coming back into it, I knew these would be my two biggest challenges. To teach myself some disipline, I bought in on Bovada for 100 and once i built it at little I promised myself I would stick to BRM guidelines. I have been better with tilt and and BRM, but not perfect. I have build my BR to 1250 playing mostly 10 25 zone poker and also some smaller sn gs and MTT's. I have ran pretty well in big spots in zone. More recently I have been playing some .25/.50 but not as much zone in this. By next year once my BR is hopefully bigger I do plan on getting some coaching and so far I really like this site, the podcast, vids on youtube. etc... Now onto my league....

The money I am using for league is not from my BR. I really don't have the money for league but the game is just too juicy not to play, IMO. I have already won my total buyin for the year with more to come but havent been putting it into a BR have been using it on personal stuff. Here are the specifics:

230 dollar monthly buy in for 1 year
100 to the weekly pot
100 to the year end pot
30 dollar bounty
16 players
15k chips
blinds go up every 18 min capping at 5k 10k. No 75/150 level blinds usually make it to 5k 10k at 3 handed.

Each "Place" is a point. So if you win u get 1 point. if you go out in 16th you get 16. At the end of the year the person with the least points gets 5k. It goes all the way down to 16th getting 100 bucks. Right now I am in first by a very small margin. I will paste the excel spredsheet they send us every month with more specifics as well as the places and points everyone is in and has.

Here is a Dossier of all the players in the league:

Broke Back: Loose and aggressive. No understanding of position etc. Bluffs a lot and does not believe me. Plays very sticky vs me. Likes to flat a lot of c bets and bet the turn.

Perry: My arch nemisis. Complains about how bad he runs and from what I have seen he runs quite well. I am sure the truth lies somewhere in between. He is a Loose and at times passive and at times aggressive. Late in tourney he will flat LARGE chunks of his stack.

Gerry: NIT. Almost want to label him a TAG, but he is just too tight. Tourney structure really beneifts his style. Once he is 10bb he is all in fold. Over protects big hands. I attack his Blinds a lot and he has become quite frustrated with my playing style.

Paul: Fairly solid player. TAG. But early in a hand if he feels he has the best of it he will call you down.

Fred: Super NIT. He has had a sub for a few months that did well for him. Super super nitty pre flop and on all streets.

Skinny: One of the stronger players. Rarely EVER raises preflop early in. Once he limps he is in though. Will limp call early in with monsters. Once the blinds get bigger he plays TAG. Can lay a hand down. Seems to shy away from me.

Rob: The wildcard right now. He didn't play last month or this month. His sub would be the biggest LAG if he played. On top of it, the game has really tightend up b/c it is the end of the year and everyone is jockying for position. With him subbing last month, he has no care for the end of the year and took advantage of it. He was super super aggressive last month and ended up winning it. He was directly in front of me which made it hell for me, especially considering I was so card dead last month and had little opportunities to make plays due to his position relative to mine. He is subbing this month as well :(

Maggie: Loose passive fish. Not much else to say

Max: Has had a sub a few months that has really screwed him. He is def one of the better players. Understands position and uses it well. Is fairly loose early in tourney. Later he is one of these guys that will call large chunks of his stack pre and decide on the flop.

Nick: TAG one of the better players. Can get off a hand. Is pretty tight and is pretty aggressive on all streets. Has ran quite poorly from what I have seen. I gave him a sick beat early in the year, one he doesn't let me forget about. Plays me more sticky.

Larry: Not overly tight or loose. Not overly aggressive or tight. Doesn't seem to bluff much. Over values hands like top pair.

Rick: Super loose. Loves getting it all in. Shows up on the river with some wild hands.

Kerry: Not overly tight or loose, but quite aggressive. Overplays hands quite but also seems to showdown a lot of big hands on the river. I try and outplay her quite a bit and have not done well vs. her.

John J: Solid player has won the league 2 of 3 last years. From what I have seen has ran pretty poorly in big spots. Due to how he is running, I think he is playing pretty poorly. Likes to get in multiway pots early and gets more aggressive as the blinds get bigger.

Derek: Super NIT. Pick on his blinds a lot and he has no issue giving them away. Folds to c bets almost all the time. Have seem he fold huge holdings late in tourney.

with there only being two months left, ppl are playing about the same early on but are really tightening up when the blinds get up there. Ppl do not go out of this tourney early rarely anyone in first two hours. Normally there are 9 ppl left when blinds are 500/1000. I can believe the amount of open limping and flatting I see when everyone is at aorund 10 bbs. The issue is ppl with limp with like A10 but a lot of the time if you shove, they will call with a limped hand like that or 55. I find myself confused as how to play at times late in tourney becuase ppl do such strange things. Also, when everyone is around 8-15 bbs, which always seems to be the case with like 8 or so people, should I be open shoving with bigger hands, or going 2.5x? especially considering how one place can be pretty important at this point. Rob is also a big variable considering the overall placing does not matter to him. How do I handle him when he is in front or behind me?

Overall I am not too impressed with how I have played. With an honest assessment I suspect I have ran above EV, though not by a ton and really should be running away with this league at this point. While in general I don't feel that knowledgable about the game compared to higher level players, compared to the games around town, our "Charity poker game" and this league in general, I feel I have so much more knowledge than them and end up trying to do too much and end up outplaying myself.....In advance, thanx for the input regarding general strategy going into the last two months. I really want to take this thing down!

Don't know how to post a link. Here are the standings and info. The number below the names is the total points.

2015 Hawks Pointe Texas Hold'em Poker League

Standing Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total Ave

John P 1 1 16 2 1 3 16 3 15 1 13 71 7.89
Broke Back 2 11 1 7 2 5 6 1 16 14 9 72 8.00
Perry 3 10 9 3 3 11 12 5 10 8 3 74 8.22
Gerry 4 3 5 6 4 8 13 8 8 6 14 75 8.33
Paul 5 16 13 5 14 1 3 9 4 4 8 77 8.56
Fred 6 9 7 12 12 7 4 12 5 5 4 77 8.56
Skinny 7 7 2 14 15 16 1 14 6 2 7 84 9.33
Rob 8 15 15 9 6 6 8 6 11 10 1 87 9.67
Maggie 9 8 10 15 11 2 2 10 3 11 16 88 9.78
Max 10 13 14 1 8 9 15 13 1 3 11 88 9.78
Nick 11 2 4 13 16 14 5 2 9 13 10 88 9.78
Larry 12 5 8 4 13 12 14 15 2 15 2 90 10.00
Rick 13 4 11 16 5 4 7 11 13 16 6 93 10.33
Kerry 14 14 3 8 7 13 9 4 14 7 15 94 10.44
John J 15 12 12 10 9 10 10 16 7 9 5 100 11.11
Dereck 16 6 6 11 10 15 11 7 12 12 12 102 11.33
136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 0 0

Monthly Payouts:
1st $800
2nd $400
3rd $300
4th $100

monthly bounty $480

Monthly Total $2,080

12 Month Total $24,960

Annual Payouts:
1 $5,000 26%
2 $2,500 13%
3 $1,900 10%
4 $1,600 8%
5 $1,400 7%
6 $1,200 6%
7 $1,100 6%
8 $900 5%
9 $800 4%
10 $700 4%
11 $600 3%
12 $500 3%
13 $400 2%
14 $300 2%
15 $200 1%
16 $100 1%

Total Annual $19,200 100%

Grand Total $44,160
Annual Per Person $2,760
Monthly Per Person $230




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