Effective Poker learning tools.

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I am thinking of a few poker tools to accelerate learning and analysis and would like your thoughts about what would be needed nowadays.

Among other things, I seem to be stuck with a very slow PokerTracker 4 on Mac OS X (4 Gb RAM machine): it is mind-numbingly slow when doing any type of analysis and filtering, looking at my current fresh DB of 27K MTT hands.

I know there's an issue with the grid when displaying the cards images: it makes the scrolling brain-paralysingly slow. Anything having to do with queries and filters and display is also very slow.

Furthermore, a while ago, I had started a video learning tool. I am able to synchronise the chapters of the video with images and texts, using menu buttons. This is extremely handy for fast concept review.

I am thinking of working on this a little more. For instance, having an internal Equity calculation utility at each stage of the video (e.g. Pre, Flop, Turn, River) for a hand with hand range visualisation could turn out very handy.

Another thing I could integrate is a query + listing of hands in the PostreSQL DB that PT 4 populates.

Finally, I also have a prototype to help me generate a hand: the reason I wanted to do this was to build all the hand example in books into a hand that I can replay within PT 4 for easy review. I have prototyped this too.

Now, all this also makes me think that adding an internal replayer in the learning tool can help greatly as well.

Here's the common use case:
  • I create Hand History examples from books
  • I want to review a concept, so I pick one, e.g. 3-Betting.
  • From there I can see a list of videos, a list of texts, and a list of hand examples.
  • In each video, I can easily see all the indexed contents in a menu, which synchronises at each moment to further image + text annotations, as well as an EQ/EV calc tool as well as hand range visualiser.
  • I can further annotate the text or image content at each step in the video
  • The hand examples can be replayed in place from the PostgreSQL DB
  • I can choose to export or search for all personal annotations per concept

All in all, we already do part of these things when we launch Equilab, our Tracker replayer, Excel or Numbers or a Google spreadsheet, but it is a very disjointed experience, and without doubt a way too slow experience with PT 4 on Mac OS X.

So this system would probably help greatly in learning and reviewing concepts.

What do you think?


  • SixthStreetSixthStreet Red Chipper Posts: 254 ✭✭
    Something to write down hands.

    And free tools split suit has online.
  • tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
    I am a big fan of Combinator. I own a license of Flopzilla, but I like Combinator better.
  • YashNYashN Red Chipper Posts: 33
    Both Flopzilla and Combonator are fantastic tools, as is CREV but instead of having to launch these complete tools, I would like my learning interface to show just a subset of info from these tools.

    To have an idea of how the video + text + image sync view looks, here is an example that I made with one of Splitsuit's videos. Each menu button goes straight to the proper chapter in the video and the image and text sections (below the main Menu and Video windows) are synchronised with the chapter.

  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,030 -
    That's pretty badass.

    What tool are you using for creating HHs? There is this one that I use for turning live hands into PT4 hands > splitsuit.com/hh
  • YashNYashN Red Chipper Posts: 33
    Haha, I now know why my "replies" were being lost: I was sending Splitsuit PMs instead of quoting him here... so now he has two versions of this reply below (sorry about that Splitsuit, I got confused by the UI here):
    SplitSuit wrote:
    That's pretty badass.

    What tool are you using for creating HHs? There is this one that I use for turning live hands into PT4 hands > splitsuit.com/hh

    Thanks SplitSuit, it's only badass because yo made those very badass videos yourself :P

    This is pure Javascript + HTML + CSS. In this prototype, I have input each menu button and the specific time of the video in the code manually, together with referencing the proper image and text in the code manually as well.

    This was just a proof of concept to show the synchronisation works, and it does. But, I need to make the input of the menu contents + video timeline location more user-friendly. I also need to improve the image and text entry method.

    Now, the more I was thinking of this, and the more I want to integrate into it, like having some Equity info, and also a small EV calc area, which would allow me to review a concept really, really fast without having to juggle 4 different software applications.

    Currently, I have prototyped my own Hand History generator tool because I do know the one you linked too: in fact, I'm the one who posted about it in another thread I created :P

    The issue with the DC one above is that the Pot calculation in the end is never good. I have found a way around it though: after import in PT 4, PT 4 will provide you with an error message with the correct Pot amount. You can then edit the Hand text to include the correct amount and re-import successfuly.

    But... this is not in line with the 'effective' goal because it takes too much time when this should work straight away. The interface could be better too.

    Now, I have experimented with accessing the PostgreSQL DB that PT 4 writes to, and I managed to get whole hand histories from it as well, so what that means is that I could potentially write a whole new hand history straight into the DB as well and replay from PT 4.

    At least the PT 4 replayer already displays Equity and also the HUD stats, so it's definitely very useful, especially when combined with additional text annotations (and especially with your spiffy Splitsuit replayer theme!)

    So, what I'm aiming for is an integrated experience rather than a disjointed one where I need to fire several apps to review a concept:

    - Think of a concept I want to learn and review (e.g. 3-betting)
    - Get a list of texts, videos and hands
    - If I choose a video, I get the menu to quickly go to places in the timeline, sync'ed with additional text and images
    - If I choose a hand, I quickly get the Replayer with Equities and a spot for EV Calcs

    I read or review a concept, choose 1 to 3 videos, go to a few specific spots that I can already see in the menu which look interesting and review this, replay 3 hands, check the Equities and EV calcs, perhaps vary the ranges and bet sizes and so on, and I'm done for that concept.

    That's what I want to do.
  • YashNYashN Red Chipper Posts: 33
    There are a lot of good training programs. As for me, I use equity calculator, and leak buster now. Leak buster helps to get rid of bad poker moves so it's an exellent choice to train.

    It must be good, but I think it's solely for Windows. Maybe there's a way to run it with WINE/WineBottler but I'm not sure.

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