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I had a great trip to Vegas last week and wanted to write up a report. I started out with a meeting with our very own, Doug Hull! It was a super honor to meet him and get his advice. The biggest help was on beefing up my bet sizing and most importantly, three-betting preflop.

I’ve read advice and watched lots of video on RC about three betting preflop, particularly to late position raises. I’ve seldom had the guts to pull the trigger unless I was absolutely certain I was ahead. This trip was my first exposure to 1-2 with the blinders off about what pitifully small late position raises and button straddles mean. I have been given my opponents WAY too much credit in these spots and leaving TONS of dead money on the table.

Ed has talked a lot about these situations and that 3-betting lite is often the best line to take because opponents are so unaccustomed to being played back at. Most often they just fold preflop or just whither to continued aggression. Sure enough that’s what happened. Button straddles where the absolute best, frequently with $20 or more of dead money in the pot, I was hauling off with any playable hand. Most of the time the straddle would call and just fold on the flop to a c-bet.

I finished the trip at more than $23 an hour. No doubt I had positive variance but Doug’s help was invaluable. So much so that I got together with him again on Saturday night just to play and donked off 3 stacks to him!! I can’t remember a time of feeling so elated over being owned!!

Loving life at the tables! Thanks Doug!


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    Congrats on the great trip, and finally pulling those blinders off!
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    Ah, thank you very much.

    I do like seeing someone that just discovered the lite three-bet and is going to town. It gave me a chance to introduce the concept of the "seriously-lite-four-bet." :bomb

    The chances of running into someone that recognizes your shenanigans and comes back at you is pretty small. So glad to help!
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    No doubt! It would be different if they adjusted but they just don't. I was flabbergasted.
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    OK OK OK.. Here’s the hand:

    2-5 NL at Mirage
    Hero in the big blind with A-4o $400 behind
    Two limpers, Doug on the button with $500 behind raises to $40
    Hero three-bets to $120
    Doug tanks a bit, fingers his chips and raises to $300
    Hero snap folds and Doug turns over 3-4o
    Hero gets down on the floor and bows to the master!

    I’ll never forget the hand! The strangest feeling I’ve ever had playing cards. Having my nose rubbed in it fully knowing that Doug would NEVER try this against the fish we play against and coming away actually feeling complemented in the highest order.
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,857 -
    Clearly, there was some history here... :)

    I had been getting out of line, isoing limpers.

    Pre-flop Police Officer John, kept me in check by three-betting me way too often.

    Officer John's Frequencies were way out of line, so I needed to combat it, and the first four-bet tends to get some respect. As I remember it, I actually had a hand though :6h:7h Who am I to get in the way of a good story... It only takes one four-bet re-steal to pay for all the 3-bet steals he made against me. I call it even!

    It takes a certain dynamic for a light four-bet to make sense. It is rare to get one appropriately aggro player at these tables. To get two and to have them going to war is rare. I had not seen it since Sweeney was out here and schooled me. :)
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    FWIW I think if you are 3betting A4o from the Big here, you are quite possibly losing control of your three-bet frequency. There are just many better candidates to Round out your 3bet range.

    Also think Doug's 4bet to $300 with the opponent having $400 effective can be a little of fancy play syndrome. This is still a cash game. You can legit still call with certain portions of range given you are getting a great price. Then flop some assemblance of equity and ship Flop and Hero may potentially make incorrect folds.

    I think if we want to 4bet here, it's an allin.
    I think 67hh is a meh 4bet ship. I think there are other hands which qualify better as a 4bet jam bluff.
    This can qualify but it's one of the last ones I would choose.

    I think the hand is interesting and glad you both had fun! Keep up the good work.

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