Grinding soundtracks...

dutch81dutch81 Red Chipper Posts: 212
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What type of music (if any) do you grind to?

I have tried all genres from classical, jazz, dub-step, hip-hop, blues, rock, electronic to hip-hop instrumentals. What are you listening to now? What is it similar to? Thought this would be a good way to pick up some new artists for grinding music.

Current artist - The Glitch Mob.

It's progressive house w/ very few lyrics. Hard to compare it to any other artists I listen to. One of their songs is the theme song for the new Amazon Echo commercial called "Skull Club". I guess it sort of sounds like

I have heard classical helps w/ memory retention and it is peaceful for the most part but I can't stick to it for a long time. I always need some variety so things don't feel too dull for me.


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