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1. What time zone are you in?

2. What time do you normally start your cash game sessions?

3. What time do you normally end your cash game sessions?

4. Do you think grinding in the daytime on weekdays is worse than grinding at night?
I'd assume so as there are more regs grinding since most people are at their jobs in the daytime. Also way less drinking + grinding from opponents as well in the daytime.

5. Do you think grinding in the daytime on Fridays/weekends is worse than grinding at night?
The statement above applies here as well, but even more so.

The reason I choose to grind in the day is b/c the only way I'd be able to grind at night at those times is if I plan a nap mid-day to stay fresh past midnight. However, if I do that, then my whole schedule is thrown out of wack and I'd end up waking up around noon if I ended my session at 2am or something. So the main takeaway is that I want to grind when I have the biggest edge but having the biggest edge also means I'm not tired and being able to accomplish all the things I need after I wake up and before I grind. After my session is over, I spend about 30-45 minutes w/ Flopzilla and another 30 minutes posting hands and logging my results. So even after I finish grinding, there's still work to be done. It's complicated but something I'm trying to figure out. Is it worth it for me to start my session maybe 3 or 4 hours later than I am currently? Love to hear your thoughts on cash game schedules.


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    I think it has to do somewhat with your style and what your comfortable with.

    Without a doubt where I play late week nights and weekends have the loosest more aggressive games, and a much higher percentage of droolers. They alos attract a lot more players who buy in for the Max $500 in my 1-2 game. But I don't do as well in these games as I should. I notice some of the regs who I soul own during the the day seem to do pretty well here. I have trouble ajusting to thin value for very large bets type thing. I also get a bit frustrated not hitting hands and being unable to do anything but fold.

    The afternoon games where players basically play their hands face up, are my primal easy money games. I don't need to hit hands, and can easily get away when they hit their hands. nice return little risk and I feel like a poker genius.

    Overall I probably do a bit better with the late night loose deep stack games then I do in the tighter 100 bb type afternoon games.
    Probably with a bit more adjustments to the late night crazy deep stack games I would do better overall. I'm kind of the kind of guy who prefers to make $20 with low variance, then $25 with high high variance. But then I'm not an idiot if I can $30/hr I can adjust to the high variance.
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    I guess I have to evaluate what works best for me given my personality and preference. I think I'll stick with my daytime sessions for now, for at least another few months to have a good sample size. Then, decide if I want to give night sessions a shot for another few months and see the results. I will have to make a different schedule for night sessions if I choose to take this route.

    I'm still not completely sure if this is the best idea but it's got me thinking in ways I wasn't thinking before. That has to be a good thing in itself. Thanks again for another quality response. Hope to hear more responses so I can add more factors to my decision making and weigh the pros and cons.
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    Do you play live or online?
  • dutch81dutch81 Red Chipper Posts: 212
    I play online pretty much exclusively. I made the switch from MTT's last year after my worst downswing ever, I had been playing mostly MTT's for over 7 years online. Last year I started 1 tabling 6max cash for the first time to improve my game (mostly post-flop) and spent about 6 months getting used to them as I slowly worked my way up to 4 tabling. I usually started my session around 4pm and played until at least 10-11pm depending on how good the game was, my stack size, how well I was playing and my edge at the table. I played everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays. I'm considering playing 7 days a week but for less hours this year. Since I want to be 100% focused on playing poker when I do grind, I haven't started putting in full sessions this year. My only sessions up to this point have been sessions where I'm testing 3rd party software and configuring them to suit my needs while testing my PT custom notes and updating my HUD's. I've had a ton of PT issues among others and want to get them resolved before I start putting in my regular sessions.

    I will get back into it when all my poker software is set up properly and when I'm in the right frame of mind. Until then, I have some time to work on making adjustments to my daily routine based on last year and that includes my start and end times for grinding.

    I was thinking about playing 2 sessions per day, maybe for about 3 hours each w/ a 20-30 minute nap and dinner sandwiched in between them. That way I could take advantage of the "face-up" day games and the "drooler" games at night versus the 6-7+ hour single sessions, there were a few times where I played 10+ hours straight and I noticed I was making a lot of mistakes towards the end from exhaustion, lack of focus and not eating dinner. I would eat dinner at 2-3am sometimes after the session and my post-session analysis was over. So maybe from 3-6pm is session 1. Then, 8-11pm is session 2. Each session could run longer than 3 hours under optimal conditions but 3 hrs. is a minimum for each while 2/4tabling 25/50 NL.

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