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A couple of weeks ago, live session, I saw a player removing some of his chips from the table. He won about 300 by getting really lucky but after his rush, I saw him remove about a hundred from the table. No one else seemed to notice (I was directly to his right). He continued to play until he lost whatever he had left at the table. I thought removing chips was not allowed. Was it my responsibility to say something?


  • dirty moosedirty moose Red Chipper Posts: 482 ✭✭✭
    Definitely not allowed.
  • Skors3Skors3 Red Chipper Posts: 669 ✭✭✭
    I say something the second I see that.
  • FilthyCasualFilthyCasual Red Chipper Posts: 871 ✭✭✭
    I've never played at a cash game that allows you to take your chips off the table. I'd be surprised if it was allowed, but at the same time I'm sure there is some state laws that make this unenforceable.

    Definitely say something
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    It is called going South. Going North is adding chips when they are not allowed.

    It is your call. But on the rare occasions I do see people go South (North is much more common) I ask myself if I am OK with it.

    A lot of guys play a LOT tighter when they are winning. They are outside of their comfort zone. They might play their normal game at 100bb but at 300bb they are scared. Letting them go
    South might just improve the action from them and be to your advantage.

    So while it is not allowed, think about it before you make the call. Sometimes it is to your advantage when guys pocket chips.
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    Only time I've seen it allowed was after the bad beat jackpot was won - the girl wasn't forced to keep $15k extra on the table :P. Generally, you need to remove all your chips (and then leave).

    JCW makes a really good point though. Let's say he started with $100, and is a pretty casual player. He may view the leftover $200 in a much lighter regard and throw it away, like what happened here. He recouped his initial investment, and now wants to have some fun.
  • Morgan_BMorgan_B Red Chipper Posts: 262 ✭✭
    I would say something. Why would you not want to take a player out of their comfort zone? I'd say something for the integrity of the game. I'd say something to let the player know I'm paying attention. I'd say something to get under their skin. If they're not comfortable playing 300bb deep and want to leave the table that's fine. As far as I'm concerned the more money on the table the more I can win.

    I don't mind if a player goes north. In this case screw the integrity of the game I want more money on the table.
  • eevee23eevee23 Red Chipper Posts: 42 ✭✭
    I'd rather have a fish with 100bb than a nit with 150. Just my 2c.
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,858 -
    I am not a rules nit for the sake of rules nitting. But there are certain things I will not let slide.

    Let slide: Max buy-in at table is $300, guy has $220 and puts on a black chip. Seriously, whatever... Some of these Vegas regs will jump all over that complaining...

    Do not let slide: Ratholing, going south. This is terrible for the poker ecosystem.

    Imagine an absurd extrapolation to prove the point. There are two tables, one where everyone automatically tops off to max buy after every hand. The stacks would grow and grow. Imagine a second table where every time a player wins above the maximum they rathole down to the table maximum. The money and players on the table would quickly reduce.

    Which game do you want to be in? Clearly the first is going to be the ecosystem with the highest "chip entropy." You want as many chips flying around the table as possible. The second table is going to go through the "chip death of the universe"
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    i played at a casino that allowed players to put a black chip in pocket. 3 different people did. the would win a couple big hands sell chips to dealer for a black chip and put in their pocket. one guy needed $100 in chips dealer asked if anyone had a black chip. so he sold it to guy who the gave to dealer and got a stack of $5 chips, I asked about those chips they told me not in play. They never sold lower then starting stack. I wish they had to stay so i could win them, but those were tight guys.
  • Riverboat BillRiverboat Bill Red Chipper Posts: 454 ✭✭
    I play a casino where one of the regs does that all the time. He's a good player, funny guy who wins often. He slight of hand pockets a black chip all the time. That shows he obviously knows it's not allowed. Nobody says anything. I travel to different places, so I don't make waves.
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    So here is the deal: poker has a long history of self governance by the players. It is your duty to protect the game and say something, or at least know that duty before you subvert it for your own gain.

    So basically, OP, as Doug is trying to say, you are causing the end of the universe.
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    Against the rules. When it comes time to enforce rules, I go with the vibe of the game and what's in my best interest. If someone clearly meant to call but an extra chip stuck in his hand, if everyone is OK with letting him just call, I think that's fine. Raising a stink about it can wreck the vibe of the game. Regarding the end of the universe, I just try to figure out if we're on a slippery slope or not. If on firm footing, I usually just let it slide.

    Example: I hate guys who call out every little flash of every little card they see. They think it makes them look "super honest". But it just slows the game down and wrecks hands. Let's say a guy hasn't even looked at his cards yet. "I think I saw the :6d flash in his hand." Turns out it was the :7h . But now the guy has to say "No, it wasn't the :6d ." So now you know the guy doesn't have the :6d . Or he turns in his card anyway. Then the guy looks at his hand and folds. What a waste of time.

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