Cutting down some aggression...

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Hello guys, I wanted to ask a question regarding my 9 handed 5NL Holdem game. I will give you my stats for 5000 odd hands I played.

VPIP: 23%
PFR: 19.77%
AF: 3.05
Cold Call%: 6

AFq: 62.59 (I think this is a potential problem)
WWSF: 54.57 (I guess too much bluffing)
WTSD: 33% (I think this is high too)
W$SD: 42%

Now, I think I need to cut down some of the hands or improve them in a way. My biggest loser is AJ (suited and unsuited).
And I have lost a lot of money in MP and BB (BB is expected). I win money in all other positions.
My current WinRate is about -8 BB/100.

Any Ideas or Suggestions?

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