hand of pain

aaarrgghaaarrggh Red Chipper Posts: 85
1-2 casino,
V1 in BB just arrived with his drink from a broken table has 600 happy and loud, V2 in CO has 400 and loves his draws even with slightly bad odds but is not crazy
I have :Ac:Js on BTN stack 600, two limps and I make it 16 to go, BB calls, CO calls, there is one guy with 10 bucks in the sb who also calls and is all in (this is a key aspect of the hand because it forced a showdown for the winning hand), 55 in the pot after rake
Flop :Tc:7c:2d check, check, I cbet 35 both villains call, pot is 160
Turn :Ks check, check I have to decide what to do and I bet 110 trying to fold out pairs and draws, I did hesitate because I could get my free chance to peel one of 3 Q that give me the nuts but I thought my EV was a lot better if I bet this turn, the :Ks also hits my range much harder than both villains, BB goes all in for about 450, CO quickly folds and I obviously have to fold, now I get to see the river because of the 10 bucks all in guy and it's obviously :Qd
BB takes the pot with his set of 7. I am pretty sure if I checked the turn he would have bet big on the river to catch up on the slow play and given me a huge part of his stack (if not all of it).
I think the hand is interesting not because of the punishment it inflicted on my soul but because I would like to know if my turn bet is correct. Do you guys think I get enough folds to justify risking the 7% to 9% pure equity I have on the turn? There are a ton of rivers that either freeze the action or don't allow me to bluff after I check the turn; I wasn't really expecting a check shove because i thought either of two villains would check raise the flop with a set in a multi way pot that is already fairly big for a 1-2 game


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,069 -
    If you hesitate to bet the King, chances are the CB wasn't great tbh.

    That flop texture is all over a preflop callers range and the only thing you get to the fold is like 33 and MAYBE KQ. Also, if you do CB and both players fold, remember that you have to show your hand there goes your ability to bluff CB for the rest of the night (this isn't a key factor...but it's something to consider)
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  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,300 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why are you cbetting into two players and a main pot/side pot, on a board that doesn't rate to hit you? You have two backdoor draws and you can use any of those cards plus a J, Q, K, or A to fire. I like the turn bet more than the cbet, in other words.

    Villain did play this awfully tricky, you might just not get to see a river in this hand.
  • aaarrgghaaarrggh Red Chipper Posts: 85
    The only times I went to show down prior I always had it so to that point my image was fairly solid and i had been folding for the past hr before this hand. I did raise large preflop and I was certainly planning to double barrel on any broadway or club. I agree the flop hits their range better than mine but I was fairly sure there would be a lot of pairs with bad kickers there that didn't belong in the hand to start with and would fold to adequate pressure. Certainly, if I check back the flop, V1 will bet his set on the turn making my life easier and cheaper. Interesting comment about having to show my hand because at the time I didn't even consider it, even though, I was about to leave for the night.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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