SMART Poker Goals for 2016

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It's that time of year to reflect on where you're at, where you want to be, and how to get there.

This week we are focusing on how to set SMART poker resolutions for 2016.

In Episode #11 of the Red Chip Poker Podcast, SplitSuit breaks down down the SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Boxed) for setting poker goals.

What are your SMART poker goals for 2016?

(And for the folks who participated in our 2015 Poker Goals thread, take a moment to review your goals and let us know how you did!)
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  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    1. Create 75+ poker training videos
    2. Release my new series in January (at the latest, Feb)
    3. Have a rough draft of my workbook done by April
    4. Play 500 hours of poker throughout the year
    5. Walk 15mi/week
    6. Plan a solid 1-year anniversary for my wife
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    After a session, I want to will review the area that I feel I played the worst during that session. That will be the focus until the next session. Feels like some of the same mistakes are being made, but I don't feel like studying it because it's not as amusing as new material. Don't ask the logic behind it, because there isn't.

    I've gotten every penny out of equilab, and now I need to pick up flopzilla. Step one is to complete the 7 day challenge and to make it a habit. I don't feel daily is going to happen in the long run, but I am going to consistently be reviewing some hand, 4 days a week.

    Villain note taking:
    For as often as I play with some players, feels like I have inadequate behavior profiles. I see a lot of the same people throughout these tournaments, and although I know there general weakness, I don't have any idea on what their polarizing bets generally mean or more to hand-specific information. I will take a player-journal with me to the games, and write down info on 2 players that I most frequently come across at each table, and branch out from there. Ranges and behaviors. Maybe an App on my android would be a better option, but I'm open to suggestions

    I'm not opposed to reframing these as smart goals, but let's say I felt motivated to put something in writing after tonight's session. Shoving A10 with 15 BBs felt a little sickening when you really haven't seen the player get out of line, but you're trying to widen your resteal range .
  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 1,018 ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2015
    1)when I go for 2 nights and 3 days, play 25 hours of poker, when I go for 3 nights and 4 days, play 30 hours of poker....try to take at least 3 poker trips every month

    2)Starting in January every trip play at least one session of 2-5....(untill I loose my $2000 take a shot money). Buy in short....300-350... the sesions can be short ish, but take the shot ever week.

    3)When home, have two session on my fitdesk burning 200 calories each (fit desk is a stationary bike with a desk that I can place my keyboard and mouse and use my computer with)....while on the fitdesk study poker watch a vid, read over notes, read books and take notes....

    4)Eat healthier at the free buffets Diamond club, Ampha room, hell I just found out for $10 comps once a day, I can eat breakfast lunch and dinner at the Borgata .....if I'm not careful I could gain a lot of weight,,....goal loose 10 pound next year

    5)Learn to use poker razor to analyze hands, and well use it least one hand each week.

    6)If I have time try to come up with a solution for world peace.
  • RamblinonRamblinon Red Chipper Posts: 26
    1st Quarter Goals

    Range reading exercises/ Hand review
    10 hours a week @ 30 min sessions

    HUD Stat Study: 15 hours a week @ 30 min sessions until complete
    Familiarize and understand the stats offered in my HUD
    Familiarize and understand what ideal levels are for the stats that I will focus on.
    Familiarize and understand how stats that are above or below ideal levels effect the Villain’s choices.
    Familiarize and understand how to exploit those choices.

    Player Type Study: 15 hours a week @ 30 min sessions until complete
    To be started after HUD Stat Study
    Both completed by Feb 15th 2016

    Familiarize and understand the different types of players.
    Familiarize and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different player types.
    Familiarize and understand preflop and postflop adjustments that can minimize their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

    Default Hand Ranges: 10 hours a week @ 30 min sessions for 8 weeks
    Using default pre flop ranges construct ranges for flop, turn and river play on different types of boards.

    Adjusting Default Hand Ranges: 10 hours a week @ 30 min sessions
    To be started after Hand Ranges and Player Type studies are completed.

    Familiarize and understand different adjustments to default ranges that are required vs. different player types both pre flop and post flop.

    Multi-table 6-8 tables of 6max NL Holdem 85 hours a month.

    Maintain bankroll management requirements.
    Move up to next limit when bankroll reaches 40 buy-ins for that level.
    Drop back down to lower limit if bankroll drops below 25 buy-ins.
  • David VercettiDavid Vercetti Red Chipper Posts: 1
    I'm planning on those micro turbos 1.50 45 players sng right now I'm 86% ROI and ITM 29% so my challenge now is to make 50usd profit daily... I used to play zoom but the hell a bunch of coolers W$SD 50% and a cute leak on my plays on BB so I was just raking being so even feeling so meh :/ after 80k+ hands a month... I hope I can still make some money out there with my new strategy :)
  • DanieleDeRossiDanieleDeRossi Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Goals 2016

    - play poker min 40hrs/week
    - study & improve min 10hrs/week
    - watch poker videos 6 days/week
    - post min 1 hand in forum/week
    - take notes during session
    - review my hands every week => set mini goals for next week

    Resolution 2016

    - plan every single hand
    - be patient (wait for right spots, dont overpush)
    - be disciplined (play fixed, static preflop strategy, erosion of discipline starts pre-)

    Play nice&easy poker! (Free of TILT)
  • JackofClubsJackofClubs Red Chipper Posts: 52
    GOAL: Improve focus while at the poker table.
    . use Advanced Poker Training as the beginning tool to achieve this goal
    . pick one player to track – start with 25 hands and when you remain focused for the entire 25 hands and can remember all of the facts about the play of the player then increase to 50 hands – do this until you can remember all of the facts about the play of the player for 100 hands.
    . after successfully completing the above task, repeat the above for 2 players, then 3, then 4, etc up to 9 players for 100 hands.
    . remember
    . number of hands limped and what was shown down
    . did player fold to a raise after limping
    . number of hands raised and what was shown down
    . number of hands 3 bet
    . amount of raise – especially if different depending on position
    . did player play fit or fold on flop
    . what hands was player willing to call to the river with

    . at the poker table
    . for an entire dealer’s down
    . focus on one player
    . remember the above information about the player
    . on the change of the dealer – review the information
    . if you remember all of the information, pick another player and remember the same about him/her. If you cannot remember all of the information repeat the process for the original player until you can remember all points about the players play. Repeat for all 9 players at the table.
  • thepokermonkthepokermonk Red Chipper Posts: 320 ✭✭✭
    2016 Goals:
    • 15-20 hours per week of play
    • Study to play ratio of 60% study to 40%play
    • Work consistently with a coach
    • Study a few books and videos thoroughly (vs. studying many books and videos in a more cursory fashion)
    • daily meditation
    • move up in stakes from $1/2 to $2/5
    • improve overall math skills, but especially those applicable to poker
    • improve diet and exercise
    I have a much more detailed and specific plan for achieving these goals but this is the gist of it.

    Here's to crushing 2016! Have a great year everybody!

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