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$5 NL

Hero: dealt [ :Kd:Ac] in SB

Folded to Hero

Hero: raises to $0.15
Big Blind: raises $0.40
Hero: raises $1.05
Big Blind: calls $0.75

Pot is $2.40 with effective stacks of $4.20
SPR 1.75

*** FLOP *** [ :Ah:7c:Qh]
Hero: bets $1.55
Big Blind: raises all-in
Hero: I took a few seconds to think about this but taking the SPR into account I thought it was an automatic call.

Stack to Pot Ratio is something that I recently became familiar with and I want to make sure I understand it correctly. With a SPR of 1.75 I should rarely fold anytime I flop an A or K, correct?


  • RamblinonRamblinon Red Chipper Posts: 26
    After a little more thought I wanted to figure out why this is a call. I started up Equilab and plugged in a range of QQ, AQ+ (I'm pretty sure he would have pushed all in preflop with AA. Especially since he had shoved all in a few hands ago with 88 vs CO).

    My equity vs that range is 26% and I believe I need 28% to break even. So it's a slightly -EV call if he flat calls QQ 100% of the time. Now considering he shoved with 88 earlier this is probably unlikely.

    Now if his range is AQ+, I have 31.5% equity so now I am slightly +EV. If I add just one Axs combo (other than A7) my equity jumps to almost 40%.

    Now I understand why this is a call 99.9% of the time.
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    About $8.10 in pot and $2.70 in stack. Getting 3:1 you must call if you have 25% equity.

    It is very difficult to find a reasonable range where you do not have this equity at minimum. Sets and 2p are only things you are behind. There are tons of dominated pairs and flush draws that are just getting it in here.
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