Is this cooler or did I just get outplayed?

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I just wanted to ask for some thoughts on this hand that the Leakbuster software referenced playing the turn more profitably as something that "needs attention" and even though there was probably 100+ hands I decided to post this one with maybe a few more to come later depending on what kind of feedback I get on this....
Ok so here it is...

BB (Villain Hud Stats)
Hands 575
PFR 15
3Bet 1.9
F3bet 56
Cbet 69
FCbet 44

NL Holdem $0.25(BB)
HERO ($40.17)
BB ($29.52)
HJ ($20.9)
CO ($37.76)
BTN ($27.45)

Dealt to Hero 7spade.gif Jspade.gif

HJ Folds, CO Folds, BTN Folds, HERO Calls $0.15, BB Checks

Flop ($0.15) 5diamond.gif 9spade.gif 8spade.gif
HERO Bets $0.25, BB Calls $0.25

Turn ($0.65) 5diamond.gif 9spade.gif 8spade.gif Jclub.gif
HERO Bets $0.63, BB Raises To $3.2, HERO Raises To $5.77, BB Calls $2.57

River ($12.82) 5diamond.gif 9spade.gif 8spade.gif Jclub.gif Jdiamond.gif
HERO Bets $7.9, BB Calls $7.9

BB shows 7club.gif 6diamond.gif

BB wins $26.77

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  • JohnJohn Red Chipper Posts: 9
    edited December 2015
    Wow... awesome feedback and you are absolutely right. The limp/complete preflop is the "little mistake" that lead to big loss and sticky situation on later streets. This hand was from a couple months back and as I've been going over and analyzing my play much more lately I'd like to think that I am getting better and better with each critical review, and picking up on my mistakes.

    As I've become more aware of my opponents, and there tendencies (as well as tightening up preflop from the blinds, to prevent situations like this.) that was the first thing I noticed when I went back and reviewed some of these hands from a couple months ago is the limp/complete preflop. I mean considering the opponent and his play style I should've raised or folded preflop not put myself in this position against this player in the first place....

    I guess to answer your question with a question. What should my limp preflop range be? I can' t imagine there are too many hands in that range but maybe some suited connectors, small pocket pairs, small Ax hands, maybe limp a few monsters or two for deception and/or balance especially against a competent tight aggressive opponent?

    So I think against a weaker opponent its not terrible but when my turn bet gets raised against THIS opponent, some alarm bells should've gone off and I probably should've mucked or proceed with extreme caution with a plan to not put another penny in this pot unless a spade falls on river.

    Then the river comes a J and I THINK my hand is good at the time not realizing or even thinking what does a huge turn raise mean from this opponent and what is he flatting my 4 bet with? That should've caused even more alarm bells to go off. Then I went and lead out on river with a decent size river bet, not knowing that I was cooked on the flop... the only way I'm good on river is if a spade falls, and I guess I thought in the moment how could my hand not be good when J comes on turn and then another J on river.

    I also did some equity calculations and even though he flopped a straight we were still 50/50 on flop, I hit a J on turn and lose 25% equity, hit another J on river and I'm completely dead and don't even know it...

    The leakbuster software identified 3 "critical" issues above the ones that just "need attention" and 2 of the 3 "critical" issues are my play from the blinds.
    It also says I'm not folding BB to steal often enough and my VPIP/PFR from BB is 23/7 It says I should consider playing less hands from small blind and stop completing too much with trash putting myself in tough spots when I don't need to. Leakbuster says my VPIP from SB should be between 19.4% and 24.9% and mine is 39.9%

    Anyway, awesome analysis thank you so much and if you don't mind providing feedback, I will keep posting mistake hands.
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    Preflop bet 3x ...and stop limping.. look for FoldToSteal% if you try to steal here.. not just steal to steal... steal because you have info he folds >70% of the time. If hes a fish and call a lot then you put yourself in a tuff spot OOP then i just fold Pre.
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