ZOOM 0.02/5NL

StefanStefan Red Chipper Posts: 34

Arm of Zoom no statistics on opponent
Do you think you made a set? to see what makes bets or had a king and a jack? and whether the two pairs will enter everything?


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,867 -
    I can see the hand, but I don't know what you are asking.
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  • StefanStefan Red Chipper Posts: 34
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    Doug Hull wrote: »
    I can see the hand, but I don't know what you are asking.

    I would like to ask a raise at the turn of the villain, does this mean that he hit a set or just have TPTK
  • JfdiwinsJfdiwins Red Chipper Posts: 52
    Hi Stefan,
    In the hand you donk bet QJs on the JT7 flop and the villain raises. Most people who donk bet here are representing top pair.

    So what would the villain raise with?

    The value range would be 89s for a straight, sets, 2 pairs or over pairs QQ-AA. possibly some bluffs such as QK or AK. They could also raise with AJ but they would probably just flat call AJ to control the pot size. When you call and the villain bets the turn they are normally representing the stronger hands. You block sets of jacks and pocket queens making them less likely. Your hand is not strong enough to raise/shove given what the villain is representing. On the river the k hits some of the villains potential bluffing range so you are right to fold.

    What you should consider from this hand is the line you took. By donk betting you have turned your hand pretty much face up here as it is exactly what you are representing - top pair.

    You are now out of position and have been raised and potentially looking at turn and river bets when you could be drawing very thin. If you hit a jack or queen you could still be behind and find it hard to fold.

    I prefer to check call the flop and evaluate on each street. Had it been a dry board your donk bet may be more profitable. The villain can bluff raise here in position and make life difficult for you on future streets.

    You should think about the villains raising range pre flop and how much of it is ahead of your top pair before you donk bet.

    You should also consider what range of your hands you donk bet here? Would you donk bet a set or 2 pairs or just a top pair hand? If it's just top pair a thinking villain can read your hand and play perfectly - fold when behind raise when ahead making you easy to exploit.

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    Its probably best to not donk out in these games stefan until you have a better plan for it.

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