Marginal equity in a low limit DoN

zagaresezagarese Red Chipper Posts: 200 ✭✭
Merge Network Double or Nothing - $1.50 (84578547-1) No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t15.00/t30.00 Blinds + t3.00 - 10 players - View hand 2843286
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Minorchan: t1432.00 M = 19.09
skunkyaces: t1452.00 M = 19.36
allinbama14: t1532.00 M = 20.43
BIGDAWG69691: t1412.00 M = 18.83
Hero (): t1492.00 M = 19.89
mohawk4u: t1632.00 M = 21.76
trumpcard58: t1492.00 M = 19.89
roachk1: t2152.00 M = 28.69
MauiMarie: t892.00 M = 11.89
brucelandeck1: t1512.00 M = 20.16

Pre Flop: (t75) Hero is with T :heart: A :diamond:
mohawk4u calls t30, 1 fold, roachk1 calls t30, MauiMarie calls t30, brucelandeck1 calls t30, Minorchan calls t30, 1 fold, allinbama14 calls t30, BIGDAWG69691 calls t15, Hero checks

Flop: (t270) 3 :heart: K :heart: 9 :heart: (8 players)
BIGDAWG69691 checks, Hero bets t135.00, mohawk4u calls t135, roachk1 folds, MauiMarie folds, brucelandeck1 folds, Minorchan folds, allinbama14 calls t135, BIGDAWG69691 calls t135

Turn: (t810) A :club: (4 players)
BIGDAWG69691 checks, Hero checks, mohawk4u bets t90.00, allinbama14 calls t90, BIGDAWG69691 raises to t180.00,

what is hero`s actin at this point


  • JfdiwinsJfdiwins Red Chipper Posts: 52
    I would prefer to squeeze pre flop as no one has shown any interest in the pot. I would raise quite big (pot) to take down 200 free chips rather than trying to donk lead on the flop when players may have more equity and are less likely to fold/getting a better price.

    I don't like the flop donk lead as it don't see it getting folds from 7 players and the flop can easily hit several of them. No one is folding the ace of hearts or a broadway draw with a heart and given that they all limped pre flop I would expect other hands with a heart to call too. You could be drawing dead to Acex/Qx/Jx of hearts so I prefer a check/call or check/fold line on the flop depending on any action.

    As played big dawg could easily have a flush so you could be drawing dead and there are still 2 others to act so you aren't closing the action. I am leaning towards a fold as there is a good chance that at least 1 of the 3 players has a flush or 2 pairs. if you call the other 2 players will more than likely call as they are priced in so you will be 4 way on the river. The pot is now around 1600 chips and you may be faced with a good price to call a small river bet and you could end up losing half your stack in this hand.
  • El Taco GringoEl Taco Gringo Red Chipper Posts: 27
    first of all, it's awesome that you're reaching out to improve your game.

    I agree with all written above ,except for preflop. I like the check, and here's why:

    -It's a micro stakes SnG. 7 out of the 10 players are in the pot and in these Micro SnG, players aren´t really good at evaluating their relative hand strengh. By this I mean, for example, they will call a cold 3bet for 1/4 of their stack with KJo in the SB because "OMG I HAVE A KING and a J". So raising here with ATo isn't really the best play here, imo. Wait for a good spot for these players to pay you off, especially this being a micro stakes DoN. You pretty much have only to double up to get in the money, more often than not. Let them be spewy. But, on ther hand, if you see a player or two that folds too much to cbets or raises, exploit them and gain some chips along the way.

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