Greetings from Bob in Southern Cal

silverrosesilverrose Red Chipper Posts: 11 ✭✭
I'm Bob Silverrose, recent PRO subscriber to RCP.

My day job is as a college professor, and I'm very happily married, with probably more kids than most guys have ex-girlfriends. My first attraction in poker was (and still is) Limit Holdem, which I started playing online in 2004. But living in Southern Cal, I soon discovered live cardroom cash games, and I fell in love. There's nothing like the people you meet in a cardroom.

Back to the beginning: after playing online limit SNGs in the early days, I settled in (thanks mostly to Ed Miller's Small Stakes Holdem) at online shorthanded $3/$6 and $5/$10 cash games on Party Poker; that is, until the UIGEA. I then turned almost exclusively to live play, starting at $4/$8 Limit Holdem, smoothly working my way all the way up to $20/$40 LHE. But since I could only play those bigger games when I had time to drive the 90 minutes to Commerce, I had to satisfy myself with the biggest Limit Holdem game at my local cardroom, which at the time was $8/$16 (twice a week). But about that time (starting around 2007) I started eyeing the big No Limit game at my local room.

I was inexperienced at No Limit, but this game turned out to be too good to ignore. It was a strange game: $3/$5 blinds, uncapped buyin, running twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sometimes the main game would play extremely big, with $50-$75K on the table; other times you'd have 9 players in the must-move buying in for close to the minimum $200, with only a couple thousand in play. I started by buying in small, but quickly learned to beat the game for a little at a time, and I got to the point where I was buying in for $1500. I did *very* well in this game, playing part time from about 2008-2012. I was just getting started studying the NL game, but I had good fundamentals from my days as a Limit Holdem player, and the game was very good, and I won a lot.

In late 2012 the game started getting tougher, with a lot of online pros migrating to live games. I hit a pretty bad downswing around that same time, and I was also using a good chunk of my poker bankroll to landscape our house. My bankroll took a big hit, and I lost confidence in my ability to play at that same level, and so I decided to take a break from poker. During 2013 and 2014 I hardly played at all; nothing close to the volume I was playing before. I stopped studying the game, stopped listening to poker podcasts, and stopped watching poker on TV. I was close to giving it up for good.

But in mid-2015 I decided to get back on the horse. My remaining bankroll was still in a place where I could play the $2/$3 NL game ($300 cap). Playing regularly in this game for the last few months has allowed me to build up my roll to where I'm just about ready to re-enter the $3/$5 game again. Since my hiatus, my local cardroom has made some changes: the $3/$5 game now has a $1000 cap, and the $5/$10 is the biggest game in the room (with no cap). I'm studying NL voraciously, and subscribing to RCP is part of my getting prepared to play bigger stakes once again. I'm looking forward to an Ali-like return to the ring.



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