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VanessaVanessa Red Chipper Posts: 6
I have been playing poker since 2008. When I first learned from reading poker books, I went from being a losing player to crushing the games I was playing in (mostly 6max limit holdem and NL MTTs). This remained a profitable hobby until black friday, which caused me to lose all motivation to study the game. Several years later, I found some o.k. sites that allowed u.s. players. I found that the games were much different, but still very beatable. So I got into studying again, but quickly came to a plateau. It's not easy to relearn something once you have so many concepts and habits formed in unconscious competence. Now I still only play it as a hobby. I am a winner when I play my A game, breakeven at B game, and a loser in my C game. My biggest leak is playing too loose preflop, which is tough to combat because it usually happens when I go on autopilot. My next biggest leak is losing focus and not observing the other players as intently as I should be.
I joined this site because I saw some interesting youtube videos by ed miller and was curious to learn more. I would like to completely restructure my game and crush the games again. My game of interest is 6max NL cash. I am also wondering what are the best options for someone who is currently in the u.s.. is there still enough money to be made to make studying it worthwhile? Thanks.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    Welcome to the forum Vanessa!

    Studying is always worthwhile if you have the ability to play and you are interested in making more money. =) Make sure to start a new thread or two if you have any hands/questions in mind.
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    Welcome Vanessa.

    While I don't play much online anymore or many MTT's I can assure you that the lower level live games are still very profitable. Good luck with your journey. I think you will find these forums both welcoming and helpful.

  • VanessaVanessa Red Chipper Posts: 6
    Thanks! I guess I meant to ask if there are any particular "US friendly" sites that are lucrative, or if online poker is dead in the US. Last I checked, all the software was subpar, player pools were tiny, the rake seemed high and the games seemed tough even at the microstakes. Perhaps I just need to study more and advance my game, but it seems there is only so much of an edge you can have over other good players. I haven't checked those sites in a while, but I am curious to see if anyone is making a substantial profit from online games in the US only. The game does fascinate me regardless, but I can only justify spending on subscriptions and coaches if there was a way for me to get a return on my investment.

    Live games interest me as well, but I have very little experience playing in them. Ill check them out and make it a point to play them more often!
  • jeffncjeffnc Red Chipper Posts: 5,007 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Vanessa, welcome.

    I have some of the same issues you have. Poker online just became less fun after Black Friday. I only play for microstakes now to goof around or try new things. Even there, some of the games are unbelievably tough (given the stakes). I'm trying America's Cardroom right now, and it's not too bad. Honestly at higher stakes Holdem online, I could be studying it a lot, but I find I don't really enjoy playing the type of game you have to play against the sea of decent online players, with the heavy math and range game. I really prefer looking for exploits and many different styles. Live games are really where it's at for me, profit-wise.

    For live play, I've always been relatively tight, which means I've had a tendency to get bored, and so I bring the iPoad with me (that means music player and pad :) ). But then I'm not very observant. Lately I've been intentionally going with no such distractions and just paying attention more. That allows me to play a little more toward the LAGgy side, since I'm more involved in the vibe of the game and what people are doing. I've been taking a lot of notes on prelop ranges of the players in my local pool. It's actually gotten my interest back up.

    Also I've been trying to be more social and friendly. In the past I avoided that because it gets depressing to think I'm spending so much time with people I don't like very much. I've gotten my focus off them, and gotten to know the people better that I do like, or just don't know very well.
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    Hello Venessa! If your not listening to the Red Chip Poker podcast now I highly recommend it. Also I've recently been playing on a few U.S. friendly sites and find that Full Flush on the Equity network has been the most active and profitable. The downside is if you request a check withdrawal it will take over a month to get it. I've not been stiffed yet. They also have a rake back program of 35% or so. If you like to use HUDs the only one I've found for this site is Holdem Indicator. Not as detailed as other HUDs but its better than nothing I guess. Hope this helps.
  • VanessaVanessa Red Chipper Posts: 6
    Hi jeffnc,
    Thank you.
    Americas seems decent, I haven't played there much bc I didn't care for the look and feel of the software. This may sound silly, but it's hard for me to play for long periods of time when I have to stare at ugly, depressing colors. That wasn't the only reason; the games weren't all that great either. But that was over two years ago, maybe things have changed. I just looked again and I see they added more table themes and it seems the player traffic has improved in the last couple years.

    I can see how it would be tough to stay focused at a live table because the pace is so much slower than online. It's good that you are finding ways to keep it interesting. Of course, the more things you observe, the more money you can make :). I find it very satisfying when you win a pot (or avoid a loss) because you took note of something specific while you were observing an opponent.
  • VanessaVanessa Red Chipper Posts: 6
    Hi shane,
    I listened to a podcast and really enjoyed it. I think I will start listening to them more often. Full Flush seems like it's worth trying out. I have taken a look at it but never actually played on it. That's too bad the cash outs take so long, but I don't see it as a problem as long as you do get paid. I have avoided using HUDs because it seems like more sites are cracking down on it. I'm sure many sites don't care, but I like to be comfortable without it just in case. Maybe I will try it out anyways, just to add a dimension to my game. Thanks!

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