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jjakestr8jjakestr8 Red Chipper Posts: 78 ✭✭
1/3 home game. 6 handed. Typical home game, jackpot poker.

V1, $5-600 stack, pretty loose, raises to $30. As he's raising the BB says something along the lines of "If you raise I'm shoving, you so and so" - (we're all friends and its good humored but also very possible, crazy home game play)

Hero, Next to act, in CO, Stack $600+ and covers, has QQ. I figure I'm most likely ahead, but call for 2 reasons:
1) V1 has been raising big with his big hands (so AA,KK,AK are def in his range)
2) V1 thinks I'm totally loose, and may have anything, and I might be able to call 3 streets on him.
I was very close to raising, normally I would, This time I thought I could play it better in position.

Folds to BB who ships it for $325.

V1, agonizes for a couple of minutes. Genuine agonize. Shows his cards to neighbors... Finally folds.

I start talking to BB, and he's talking a lot, saying "let's gamble..." But generally talking a lot. Also, BB is pretty tight. He'll bluff and float, but never really seen a bet like this out of him.

Now what? I'm only dirty for $30. I've only just gotten myself positive after a couple of ugly hands of villains with coolers and suck-outs. Costs me $300, but I'm at the top of my range.


  • dirty moosedirty moose Red Chipper Posts: 482 ✭✭✭
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    Six handed with the 3rd best starting hand and 100BB, I'd beat him into the pot.
    Him saying let's gamble is an added bonus.
  • sparkyAAsparkyAA Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
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    Few outside-the-box things to consider:

    How long have you been playing and how long will the game go? Home games can wind down quick, especially only 6 handed. QQ certainly has most of the villain's range dominated and is certainly a highly +EV play. However, if this is a game that has just started within the hour, I am more inclined to believe he's gambling. If you have been playing for 4 hours and he says this, especially if he is still on his first buy in, I am less likely. The time left in the game matters too. If the game ends in 20 minutes, it is definitely a shipping situation.

    The fold may be -EV, but given the table, it sounds like you will have better chances later when people make clear errors on later streets in hands. Again, this assumes you still have a few hours of poker left.

    What is your history with this player? This is a home game, so you must have logged a decent amount of hours against this guy. Has he done this before? What were the results?
  • jjakestr8jjakestr8 Red Chipper Posts: 78 ✭✭
    @dirty moose - his "let's gamble" sounded false. From my experience he doesn't make big gambly types of plays

    @sparky - we were watching the Clemson v Alabama game and playing. So we were playing about 3hrs at this point. The football game was over, we were on our 2nd to last hand. Of all the players, he's the one I've played with least. Probably under 5 cash sessions and 2-3 tournament sessions lifetime with him.

    If we were playing longer, I definitely call. Doing the math, 90+300 pot and 300 to call is enough against a TT+, AK range (its +EV 52.3% vs villains 47.6%) - I should call. Fact is:
    1) His talking was out of character. I felt it was strong not weak
    2) I'd just got even and didn't want to lose $300 on race or dominated
    3) Didn't want to get sucked out on (AGAIN) right at the end of the night

    I showed the table my QQ. No one could believe I was folding. The all called me a P**sy. Especially as I'm not, what one calls "tight". Then they ran the board to twist the knife. Villain makes a flush on the turn and I smile. Of course then its all "you run SOOOO good... you're so lucky..."

    I should have called, would have called, but didn't and got lucky with results oriented poker.

  • sparkyAAsparkyAA Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
    It will be interesting if he tries to pull the same stunt next game. Good analysis, remember to always consider the weird variables of home games!

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