KK OOP 3-ways

JesseJesse Red Chipper Posts: 134 ✭✭
2/5 NL Huster, Friday night, 100-300 buyin.

If anyone is paying attention, I'm playing very tight, always raising when I play a pot. However, I don't c-bet often, and seem to give up on the pot. I have about $500.

V1: Asian guy, maybe in his early 30's, waiting for the 5-5 300-1k buyin game. He was playing a bit laggier earlier in the session, but has been playing fairly tight recently. He has about $300.

V2: Older white guy, tends to overbet his big pairs. Running good, at ~$800. Seems to be playing fairly straightforwardly.

I raise from MP with :Kd :Ks to $20, V2 and V1 flat and have position on me.

3-ways to the flop, $60 pot:
:Ah :6h :8d

I check, V1 and V2 check.


I check, V1 bets $35, V2 folds, I call. I think V1 would bet more with an ace, and/or would have bet the flop after my check.

Pot: $130


I check, V1 bets $110. I tank call.


  • SuessSuess Red Chipper Posts: 84 ✭✭
    I agree with your logic that he probably would've bet the flop if he has an ace. The same goes with sets of sixes and eights.

    Do you think he'd be calling 57s or T7s preflop? Perhaps 57s but I doubt T7s. I'm not even so sure of 57s given your tight image and his recent tightness. Five-seven of hearts might bet the flop anyway. I think a turned set of nines is the most likely.

    Once you call the turn, the unthreatening :3c comes on the river, and he increases his bet size from just over half pot to nearly pot-sized. I think we can largely discount a weirdly played ace, because, if you ever check an ace on this flop, he has to be wary that you have him outkicked. I guess he could've rivered a set of threes or two pair with A3? Bottom line--I don't think he represents much. 3 combos of 99, 3 of 33, 9 of A3 (if he even calls unsuited ones pre), 3 of 57s are all that make sense to me. He could be bluffing with 4 of JTs, 6 of 55, 6 of 77, 6 of TT, KhQh, QhJh, KhJh, and maybe even 6 of JJ if he flats that preflop. That makes 18 that beat us and at least 25 we beat. 12 more is he'd flat JTo preflop.

    So he has more bluff combos which is nice, and I also think he would would bluff with them at a decently high frequency if his former LAG self creeps up. You also did play the hand somewhat passively, giving him incentive. In addition, if he normally plays higher, losing the money might not concern him that much/he could think he can bully you.

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