PLO top set river decision

zagaresezagarese Red Chipper Posts: 200 ✭✭
Playing $0.10/$0.20 PLO.

Sitting with $20 at an empty 6 max table when villain joins, sitting with $10.

I had stacked him once on our fifth hand fast-playing JJxx on a 5J5 board where he had a naked 5. He bought back in for $10.

On our 7th hand I half-stacked him with the turned nuts but I had checked the river expecting him to bet where he in fact checked back.

Shortly thereafter he calls down with TTxx on a K high board where I have AA and then reloads for another $10.

In another hand before this one i turned a q high flush, he turned bottom set, he called then checked back the river OOP where he had made bottom boat.

Overall I have been winning a lot of $1.00 through $3.00 pots and he has won a lot of $0.60 pots. Effective stack to start this hand is his $11.98.

Villain has the button. I have :9s:9h:8h:2s.

He min raises to $0.40. I call. Flop :9d:4d:3c.

Pot is $0.76. I bet $0.51. He raises to $1.02. I call.

Turn :4s. Pot $2.70. I check. He bets $1.60. I call.

River :3d. Pot $5.74.

Your thoughts about his holding? Your action?


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