How to do what Ed says not to do

jaxbanker2202jaxbanker2202 Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
Posting this horribly played hand hoping that it will be instructive for others. Have been reading "The Course" and obviously failed the chapter on not paying off your opponents.

Playing on Bovada $.25/.$50 NLHE. 9 person table 8 in play. Effective stacks are $50. Villain is poor player in BB, but running well. Lots of offsuit trash that hits - trips, two pair, etc. Has run his stack quickly up to $85 over about 30 hands.

Pre flop folded to me on Button with :7d :7s. I raise to $1.75 and SB and BB both call.

Flop is :Ks :Ac :7c I flop a set but don't bet when it is checked to me. This is my first mistake.

Turn is :5c completing the flush. SB leads for $2.50 and BB calls. I raise to $8. Thought I might have fold equity plus 10 outs if called. Didn't think about why BB would call with flush coming in. Mistake #2.

BB immediately raises to $24 and I shove. Mistake #3.

Hoping to improve from here. Probably other unidentified mistakes as well.


  • dirty moosedirty moose Red Chipper Posts: 482 ✭✭✭
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    I'm gonna hope not betting the flop was a mis-c lick or a brain fart. Very rarely do I say that's a mistake you can never make. Not betting this flop in position is a mistake you can simply never make.

    You need to start building that pot asap with this monster hand.

    Plug this leak and move forward.

  • GhostsuitGhostsuit Red Chipper Posts: 2
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    Bet flop plenty of worse Ax can call along with a ton of draws 99% of the time no one has AA KK so your good. Depending on play I'd probably be close to pot as well since they will be fairly inflexible on wither they call or fold on this board.

    Turn is a call your raise will accomplish nothing given it's against 2 players and you don't really want to be building a pot when your behind or make people fold when your ahead. Against one player I might be on board with the raise but not totally loving it. I mean would you raise a flush here?

    The good thing is though you know you made mistakes and that's over half the battle :)
  • GhostsuitGhostsuit Red Chipper Posts: 2
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    ignore my numbers were wrong.
  • shaneshane Red Chipper Posts: 35 ✭✭
    Arguments can be made for or against betting a set after the flop. With that board it may have been better to make a sizable bet to build the pot and protect your hand.

    I love the aggressiveness of your squeeze play but your plan should have been to fold if you got further action.

    My play would have been to raise pot pre flop to rep a tight range and minimize players.
    After flop a 3/4 pot CB would seem appropriate to continue representing the big hole cards and make it cost any player on a flush draw.
    I definitely see myself continuing my aggressiveness with the squeeze but after the push back from the BB I would have folded . We are beat.

    What was the result?
  • Rello242Rello242 Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 595 ✭✭
    I agree with everyone, I just want to point out something you said in your mindset...
    I raise to $8. Thought I might have fold equity plus 10 outs if called.

    This may be a problem later on if you are thinking about having fold equity and outs when holding a strong hand, and it means you are raising for the wrong reason. However, if you thought you can raise and get someone to commit with a pair or weak two pair, then that's a difference. Your assumptions you make is what makes a play correct or not vs anything else first, and based on your assumption, if you thought you had fold equity then why are we using a hand like 77 that hits a set to do so? Why not use QcT type hand?


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  • SprinklePonySprinklePony Red Chipper Posts: 75
    I also agree with what others have said. In the interest of looking at other possible mistakes that may show up in other hands:

    While I agree the turn raise was a mistake, if I were to raise here (basically if it were a different card, or if I had some solid reads on my opponents) I would raise bigger, to at least $10.

    On the turn, as played, I would've merely flatted to try and hit my boat+. Once you get raised, I wouldn't even call. You indicated the shove was a mistake and I agree, but not sure if you considered anything but folding a mistake at that point.

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