Three mistakes in one hand. Sigh.

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$2-$3 NL, with $1 post on button.

Hero is Button, with ~$300 and :Qc:9c
Villain is CO, covers. Villain is decent player, makes some fishy overbet bluffs on occasion to try force folds. Seen him make this play at least 3 times during the 5 hours at the table (those were shown down), and suspected another 2-3 times.

2 limps, CO limps, hero limps (mistake #1 - raise or fold)
SB folds, BB checks.

5 to the flop, $10 in pot after rake, flop: :Qh:Qs:5d

Checks to hero, bets $10. Folds to villain who calls.

Turn: :2h

Villain checks, Hero checks. I checked thinking I smashed the board and wanted to keep weaker hands in and induce a river bluff.

River: :8d

Villain bets $15. Hero makes mistake #2 - gets greedy and tries for more money by raising to $40. Not sure what I was thinking with this raise, other than the villain had bet so small and I have a good hand and want more $$$. I didn't stop to consider my earlier plan of inducing a bluff - if he was bluffing, how could he call my raise? Just dumb.

Villain thinks for a minute, eyes my stack, and cuts out some chips - a raise to $155 total, so $115 to me. I thought for a minute or two and could only remember all the overbets forcing folds earlier in the night, didn't really consider that this was a big bet, that all I had was trips with a bad kicker, that boats were possible, etc. Mistake #3 - called the $115 more.

Villain shows :Qd:Jd

I briefly consider re-raising all-in - it seemed unlikely to work as the raise would have been for only $140 more and villain was likely committed.

I don't think villain folds pre-flop to a raise to $15, maybe for $20. He might give me more credit for a bigger kicker though when we get to the river (in a bigger pot of course). Probably just a cooler that the we both flopped trips.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    1. I don't have any qualms with just limping behind preflop (sure, at least consider going for a large raise - but limping behind is OK at first glance)

    2. There is very little villain can c/c the flop OOP closing action with that is going to be totally nonsense like A9 or 76. He'll have single pairs a lot of the time and I'd really like to see you bet again and see how sticky he can get with those hands.

    3. He shouldn't ever have KQ or AQ...but you do lose to QJ and the question is how often does he check those hands on the flop vs bet them himself.
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  • kg_bettorkg_bettor Red Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Thanks for the comments James.

    On #2, Betting the turn after he check/calls flop makes sense - builds a bigger pot when I have a pretty big hand. I suspect he x/r's me on this exact hand and I can consider that info before proceeding.

    On #3, I'm pretty sure he was being tricky. I don't think this player would have folded this hand ever.

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