2/5 Missed Steal Chance

Skors3Skors3 Red Chipper Posts: 669 ✭✭✭
2/5 Casino

Villain EP $400 - Fairly tight player. He was fairly new to the table. I don't think he was too adventurous.

Villain HJ $500 - Older gentleman who seemed to be playing pretty ABC, though he wasn't at the table for very long, even less time than EP.

Hero Button $600 :Tc:8c . I had not been very active and wasn't playing my best game but I'm not sure how much of that either Villain knew.

EP Limps, HJ raise to $25, I call. EP calls.

FLOP: $80 :Ac:Th:3d

all checks

TURN: $80 :Ac:Th:3d:7d

EP checks/folds
HJ $40
Hero Calls

RIVER: $160 :Ac:Th:3d:7d:9h

HJ checks
Hero Checks

I posted all the streets because I was wondering when, if ever, would have been the best time to take down this pot. The HJ took post flop lines of check, half-pot bet, check. He did not like the :Ac .


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