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Fredrik SivertsenFredrik Sivertsen Red Chipper Posts: 2

I would like you to review a hand I played in a live tournament recently. The situation occurred late on day 2 in a $1000 buy in event (4 day event). ~2000 players started, ~160 left at the time. 395 were paid, so well in the money.

The blinds were 5000/10000 with a 1000 ante and my stack was ~320 000, a little under average stack (~375 000). Just got moved to the table and was trying to get a feel for the players. UTG+3 open raised to 25 000 (he seemed inexperienced). I was dealt Qh Jh in UTG+4 (nine handed) and decided to flat call. I considered a reraise to take down the pot, but figured it too risky with my stack. Everyone else folded except the BB, who also called. BB is a known and competent player.

The flop came 4d 7d 8s, and both players checked. Not a great flop for me, but my default action in this spot is to bet when checked to, so I made it 55 000. BB called and UTG+3 folded. The turn came Qd, and BB once again checked. I checked back, mostly for pot control, but also to give the impression I could have hit a flush and was slowplaying it so I could bet him off a better hand on the river. The river came As and BB fired out a bet of 65 000. His stack was ~500 000 at the start of the hand. I paused maybe five seconds and pushed my stack in… He tanked for like five minutes and called with 5x 6x (for the flopped str8), saying he called because I pushed all in to quick to have the flush.

My all in move was more of a gut decision rather than thinking what BB might have in this spot. My thinking was that he had to have a monster to call there. I was obviously tired and not on my A-game, but are there any merits to the play? I know this situation could have been avoided had I reraised preflop (or simply folded). What are your calling range in this situation as BB? How would you have played the hand on the flop and further?


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,070 -
    This looks a little FPS to me. Just double barrel the turn and go from there.
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  • Ruxton_AtheistRuxton_Atheist Red Chipper Posts: 152 ✭✭✭
    You're ITM, so there are ICM considerations that can't be ignored. Your strategy should be informed by the pay jumps, blind/ante and level time/structure. With 32bb in MP, this a probably a fold pre. If not, flatting the 2.5x raise is a clear mistake. We are offering the "known and competent player", who has you covered, excellent calling odds out of the BB, and giving him a squeezing opportunity. You called as a compromise, not as a winning strategy. Raise pre: 1. to iso HU against the bad player, 2. gain range advantage for a C-bet, 3. for fold equity to win the blinds+antes. At this stage of the tournament, reason #3 is paramount. This flop smashes the blind's calling range, and we have no equity when called, so why the C-bet? Sometimes we just have to give up, especially when we can't reach into our pocket and reload. As played, the river shove reps more big aces than flushes, and the competent player is not calling with worse. It sucks that he flopped the joint, but you didn't get to late in Day 2 playing like this. For some reason you tilted or spazzed out, and stacked off for no reason. It happens. Find and correct the underlying cause of your tilt.
  • Fredrik SivertsenFredrik Sivertsen Red Chipper Posts: 2
    Thanks for the answers. Mistakes were made. Frustrating to play good for well over 20 hour and then blow up like Mike Matusow :)
  • BenLeewoodBenLeewood Red Chipper Posts: 285 ✭✭
    A second barrel on the turn was needed here. You said you checked for pot control reasons but I could argue that a standard bet here keeps the pot even more manageable. If BB flopped a straight or 2 pair (which is very possible in the blind), he'll most likely just call and then keep "walking the dog" on the river with another check. Then we can check for the bad news showdown. But our stack would still be intact for a deep run.

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