Getting 4bet OOP with AKs

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Mid stages of an MTT and I have 50bb. Table is newly formed and we are 6 handed...sadly no history on villain.

Blinds are 240/120 (no ante) and villain is first to act and opens for 480 (also 50bb behind). The CO flats (70bbs) and the action folds to me in the BB with AKs (spades). I choose to 3 bet to 1400 and the initial raiser 4 bets to 2760 which forces the CO out. This looks pretty strong and at this stack size I don't really love any of the three options I have.

It is a low stake MTT so generally with no history I remove a lot of light 4 bet hands from villain range I assign QQ - AA and AK but am open to feedback on this assignment of hands. Against that range AKs is not fairing too well but I am getting almost 5/1 on a call.

What do people think of this spot? Folding seems nitty, calling IP with good direct odds feels ok but I might have some terrible reverse implied odds and is 5 betting going to achieve anything?


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