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So i hear players time and time again telling other players they are folding to them out of respect. But when you think about it isn't that the Ultimate form of disrespect because they know there is no way they are bluffing. So I've decided I'm going to start telling players I'm disrespect folding to them just to see how they react. I expect this will put people on edge against me even more then they already are and hopefully induce more spazz shoves.


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    I've always been amused by this, and am amused to see someone else state it; you are absolutely correct in your observation.

    However, you should not tell them, and are wrong to do so. Share it here if you must, among those who would understand or making the effort to do so, but do not tap the tank; do not educate them; do not give them hints which would improve their game; do not provide free instruction.

    The reason is obvious.
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    I hear what your saying and I prob won't actually do it because I'm pretty nice at the table. But simply telling someone you don't think they can bluff isn't going to make them a smarter and more educated bluffer. What it will do is make them want to bluff you. And anytime they do it will prob be a poor spot. Now this might be poor etiquette. But I don't see this comment making a player want to go home and improve their game or make them stop playing. It will make them have it out for you which I personally welcome and want from everyone in my game except Mr. soto
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    I have given up on guessing and second guessing how these things will work out. You are never wrong to be quiet and polite. If you can pull off friendly, that is great. Anything that can be interpretted negatively just does not fit with me. Is the possibility that being irritating will get someone to play worse worth it? There are enough (unintentionally) tilting people with a captive audience at the tables, I see no reason to be anything but polite.
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    lol...let me know how this works out....one 2/5 game i play at in Topeka is one of the best places to try this out on them....there is a lot of verbal "jousting" going on there...we do it all the time (we know most everyone in there)and we purposelessly pick on each other to find a weak spot (all in good fun,mind you)..whenever i enter the room,i hear my name echo all over (mainly because they know how tight i am and they can't stand to see how i can win and not give anything back)...because they know i am tight, it gives me many chances to bluff and they never know it. ....this is a lot like what you want to do with your players (find a weak spot and take advantage of it)....(only wish i was sitting at the table when you try it...lol) :)

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