Andrew from Manchester checking in :)

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Hello red chip peoples.
My name is Andrew and I live in Manchester, England. I am 30 years old and I am (and have been for some time) attempting to make poker my profession.

My poker history - I first learnt the game in March 2006 and I was hooked straight away, immediately buying poker for dummies and reading it cover to cover and thinking I knew it all.

I always considered that I would become a self sufficient pro eventually, but I have had the crap beaten out of me several times. I don't have a lot of money to invest in the game and I didn't understand the way variance worked or the fact that I was not very skillful and had to do a TON of work. Over the past 3 or 4 years I have met some amazing people (I firmly believe the key to getting the most out of this game is to surround yourself with as many talented, honest and generally awesome people as possible) and started to learn the game properly, playing the micro limits online and cutting my teeth there.
About a year ago I finally just got really bored of playing online and decided to try playing my local live cash games (where generally quality of play is atrocious with a capital BAD) but I was under rolled for it and I got what was what I now understand to be expected.
About a year ago I met someone who had the same passion and motivation to become great at the game as well as a none egotistical nature which allows for us to engage in superb poker discussions, and we decided to work together to try and build a bankroll for these live games, by taking advantage of rakeback promotions that were running at our casinos. We didn't start with much and, in the grand scheme of things we don't have very much now, but we have enough to make a proper go of it.
We are currently working on building a bankroll playing in live £1/£1 games that run every night in our city and we have worked super super hard to put £1500 together. We use this to buy into the fishiest game in the city for the minimum buy-in of £20 and try to work it up. My friend is a buddhist and she has taught me a lot of things which have transformed the way I think about the game on so many levels.

My main weakness is that I am not a very healthy person, but I am trying to work a fitness regime into my grinding schedule, which finally looks like it might be viable.

My main strengths I think come from the psychological and logical ways I approach the game now. I have been a programmer for many years and this I think has given me the tools to look at the game in its purest form, and to analyse situations objectively.

I have only just joined this community, but I have been a fan of Splitsuits work for several years and it has helped me out a lot, and I am discovering more awesome work from the other instructors.


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