A reraise with no good reason

SprinklePonySprinklePony Red Chipper Posts: 75
10NL on WSOP.com/NV

Folds to me,

MP, hero, $13.03, :Ad :Ks
I open-raise to $0.3, CO ($6.08) calls, BB ($18.14) calls

:As :5s :3s ($0.91)
BB checks, I c-bet $0.71, CO raises to $1.42, BB folds
I think a bit and raise to $4.08, CO tank-folds.

During the hand I thought about just flatting, but ended up raising thinking that I didn't want another :spade to peel off and kill my action, then afterwards I was thinking about it and it seems to me that this was a terrible raise since anything that's ahead of me is not folding, and not much that I beat is going to call except maybe :random :Qs or :random :Js , maybe some worse :Xs too, but unlikely. But, those very same hands will be more inclined to pay off when the :spade comes, plus by calling I allow him to keep bluffing with hands that he would fold here. Also, any hand that will slow down on a 4 flush that isn't ahead now likely won't call a bet here anyway, maybe a top pair decent kicker type hand.

Do you see any reason to raise here?

Another thing this made me ponder was: what is his likely raising range here? And, what would be a good raising range here?


  • sparkyAAsparkyAA Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
    You are right on your posthand analysis. This raise is certainly -EV. Only hands that continue on this board are 2 pair +, meaning you are behind his entire continuation range. On flops such as this one, his reraising range could be 100% of the hands he continued with preflop because it is such a connected board. if you C bet light here he will take this down every time with his play.

    Basically by raising, he can only continue with the part of his range that has you beat/crushed. by flatting, he can continue with both this small part of his range along with his entire bluffing/weak made hand range.

    When we flop the world, we don't want to force our opponents to give us their chips. We want to let them do it. Give them plenty of opportunities using bet sizing that is callable and flatting when necessary. CO only has about $4.50 behind, meaning 1 pot sized bet after you flat his raise on the flop. He may very well jam with his entire range on the turn. Certainly +EV for you!

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