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Hi i Played a hand last night where i made a double barrel with a hand that wiffed the flop and turn but seemed like a good spot and i had to fold on the turn but its a hand that has got me thinking so i thought i would see what u guys think of my play here.

Stakes $1-3
Hero $600
villain $550

Reads so far on villain: Was a young guy seemed like one of the most competent players at the table had played only a few hands but didnt mind betting big when he did play i put him as competent tag player

I was in middle position and was dealt :As:Qd and after 1 limper in front of me limped i bumped it up to $20 villain sitting to my immediately left called as did button all other players folded

pot: $66
Flop: :9c:4c:4h

I lead out for a large c bet and made it $50 villain to my immediate left calls button folds

Turn : :3h

I go for a double barrel and bet $120
Villain thinks for a while and then min raises to $240 he had about $150 or so left in his stack i thought for a while and eventually folded.

I think given that he only had $150 behind there was no room to bet him off hes hand i assumed hes range was fairly tight but didnt have jj+ or ak as i think he would have three betted so it would be something like:
89s up to kqs
a10-aq suited and unsuited
kq and kj offsuit

i probably should have given more thought to what is villain calling a large bet with on the flop i figured he was probably capable of floating so i went for the double and got min raised anyone agree with my line of thinking here or think there was a better option obviously check fold flop was probably the best option in this particular situation but that sounds a bit soft for my liking.
After i folded villain said u had :Jd:Js didnt ya i said yes cheekishly and he said good fold i said what u had pocket :9d:9s he said yeah i have been running real hot tonight i believe like around %80 but ill never know


  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    I love the line. I cbet paired flops 100% when HU.

    I use smaller sizing on flop. Most will fold to the half pot and it needs to work only 33% to breakeven.

    If called, my plan depends on villain. If nitty reg that would only call with a 4, I am shutting down.

    However vs other regs and competent players who will float, I will barrel many cards, Over cards to 9 work best but bricks like this look good enough to me. I will size bigger to about 2/3. This is my turn bet with almost my entire betting range, value and bluffs. It needs to work 40% of the time for breakeven

    If raised or called and I am bluffing I will fold or shut down most of the time. I am OOP and they really look like they have it and are not going anywhere. There are times for 3 barrels but proceed with caution, these are very dry boards and many regs will have folded their draws to the turn bet

    Rinse and repeat. On the rare occasions you actually have a hand, let the fun begin :)

  • philby20philby20 Red Chipper Posts: 189 ✭✭
    thanks for the reply. with this particular villain it probably should have been a one and done but that's ok we can only grow from our mistakes

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