22s vs station

mbehr1983mbehr1983 Red Chipper Posts: 635 ✭✭✭
These guys came to gamble tonight. Hero is 30s white guy with TAG image if anyone is paying attention. V is 20-30s white guy lag/ maniac/station but have seen him make some decent plays. He is aggro and on 2nd or third buy-in early. Hero was trying to avoid limping but found out it might be best cuz a 55 dollars raise got 4 callers pre flop when Hero had KK.
Effective is 360 1/2/5 hero is UTG with 22 only call looking to set mine V is CO and makes it 30 another station calls and so does H. I love I'll fold in this spot 95% of time
Pot 90
Flop :4s:5s:9c checks through. I am now trying to range both V's and put them on Broadway but this could hit them as well but since it checks.
T :7c Hero?


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    with 360 effective I think the call pre is fine. I think its better to open to $10-$15 pre as they are likely to isolate big and force you to fold oop, but unlikely to 3bet, so you are controlling the size of the pot a little better. If they are 3 bet happy I am likely to fold 22-66 in EP.

    As played you have some showdown value and I would check it down and hope river comes a deuce or pairs the board. The board is so wet and being four way they are unlikely to bluff in my opinion. Maybe JcTc would take a stab, but most likely they would take a free card in my experience.
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    Just fold this UTG and if you do call and plan to set mine fold when you don't hit. No need to get crazy with bottom pair at a wild table

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