3 betting vs a player isolating

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One of the things I look for the most besides range is bet sizing tells. In this session villain I have played with over 2 sessions I have seen him there for a total of maybe 8-10 hrs of play together. He has been isolating 1 limper to $15 with the bottom end of his range and $20 with the stronger side of his range. In general I think he is a decent player, but has a few few flaws in his game that I wont mention here yet. I have a feeling I am going to play some big pots against this player in the future though cause he does tend to barrel and make some big bets. Onto the hand:

$1/$2/$2 game force open of $5
3 EP players fold
Mp1: fold
MP2: calls $5
MP3 Villain ($200 effective): Raises to $15
BU Hero (covers) :5c:7c : Raises to $55

*I am going to watch splitsuits video series on 3betting some time this week as I have seen 1 or 2 of the videos so far already, but wanted to discuss my sizing and what range I should be using here.

There is SB ($2), BB ($2), limper ($5), Villains ($15), and my raise to ($55) already in the pot ($79) leaving him 2:1 on a call oop of $40. I use this play sparingly based on table dynamics. If short stack player limps with like $60-$120 stack and is some what tight I am likely not to use this play because short stack is trapping.

Villains range from the CO is going to be pretty wide here. I have not seen him show down many hands but percentage of raises I have seen him make seems wide to me. Lets apply a general range here.

ATB, 22+, A8+, 54s+, 86s+

If I think he will continue with 99+, AQ+ what type of hands should I be raising here? Does my hand even matter? I think my hand matters not preflop, but postflop when he does end up calling me so I have some equity. At one point a situation like this came up and I almost did it again with J2o, but neglected to pull the trigger (flop J22 LOL). Result oriented but thought it was pretty funny.


  • bigpapsbigpaps Red Chipper Posts: 42
    U think he is flatting QQ KK AA?
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    No, I think he is calling with 99-QQ, AQo, AQs, AKo, and 4 betting AKs, KK, AA, some times AKo or QQ. During this session I had a super tight image and everyone at the table noticed it cause I folded every hand for almost 2 hrs straight with best hand being KQ which someone raised to $25 and I folded pre. This is just just general assumption. I do not have enough history with him as we've only played two times together but seems to be turning into a regular.

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