A6s on the button, raising limpers

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[Split this hand off, forum works better one hand per thread- Doug]

Another button hand from earlier in the same session, with another spec hand:

I ($900, BTN) have :Ad:6d. UTG straddles ($6). 2 MPs limp, I raise to $35, SB ($300) calls, everyone else folds. SB had called every raise in the 45 minutes since he sat down, then called almost all c - bets, but has only gone past the turn 1 time, when he showed down a turned full house to beat trips. I haven't played many hands at this point. 3 - betting has been rare at this table.

FLOP ($87): :8d:4d:2h
SB checks, I bet $60, SB calls.

TURN ($207): :6s
SB checks, I bet $205 to put SB all in, and he snap-calls.

RIVER ($617): :Js
I shrug and show, and he shows :2c:9c. My pair is good. He gives me a mini - lecture on speeding.

Was my post - flop line appropriate? I bet the flop to set up a turn shove, but I did not expect the turn call. I'm not worried about how to beat this type of player, and I had no idea he was THAT bad, I just thought he played too many hands, then quit on most of them on the turn.


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